Published On : Mon, Jan 25th, 2016

Fire fighting mock drill at CIIMS Hospital, Nagpur

Fire mock drllNagpur: A fire fighting mock drill in conducted successfully by conducting fire fighting mock drill the awareness regarding fire fighting techniques, evacuation of men material during distress situation.

Prior to the mock drill various teams were formed and assigned with the task such as fire warning, search and recuse, evacuation, security, transporting of patients, media management during emergency situation.

As soon as fire alarm received by communication team, this has informed hospital management and other team by code “RED” along with an emergency call to fire fighting department.

After fire alert the evacuation operation started. All teams came in action simultaneously. Patients have been evocated and transported to another hospital. Fire firefighting team extinguished the fire and whole the situation and immediately search operation started for uncountable Persons left behind people.

The whole operation successfully operated by the fire department Chief officers and main senior employees of the hospital.