Published On : Mon, Jan 25th, 2016

‘BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom’ a comedy drawn from real life: Benjamin Gilani

BGBenjamin Gilani who has portrayed Jawaharlal Nehru in the 1993 film ‘Sardar’ says that his upcoming film, ‘BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom’ despite being a comic entertainer draws from situations in real life in terms of the life in a metropolitan city.

“It’s not an out-and-out comedy, but the overall tone of the film is in a lighter vein. You can neither call the film or the characters as outright comedy. There are very serious moments as well.

But at the same time, there is not much preaching in the film. It’s about situations, characters and human relationships which are comic but drawn from real life,” said Gilani about the film, directed by Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om’, in an interview.

Gilani plays a rich businessman in the film, and terms his own character as a ‘worldly’ person. When his daughter falls in love with a man and wants to marry him, he sets the man a condition to buy a flat in the city with his own money to consent to the marriage. When the man somehow succeeds in it, he doubts the authenticity and even sends a detective to know the truth about the deal.

About his character, he said, “It’s not a very complicated character, it is very straightforward, there are not many conflicts or ups and downs in him. My character is not comic in that sense, there are several characters who are slightly comical so Om has created a good mix of straightforward and comic characters.”

Inshika Bedi plays his daughter in the film, while lead actor Ujjwal Rana’s character is one who she falls in love with. His scenes are largely with these two and doesn’t get to act alongside the likes of experienced actors such as Manoj Pahwa, Seema Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma among others.

He added, “It is an engaging film, there is a lot of reality in the film. It’s the problems that people face when they come to a city like Mumbai regarding the struggle to earn money and to settle in life.”

‘BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom’ is jointly produced under the banner of 9 Production, GM Film Production and RCOM Productions and is set to hit theatres on 5 February.