Published On : Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

Javadekar distances himself from Smriti’s legacy, says students must rebel

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New Delhi/Nagpur
: India lacks in innovation in education as children are discouraged to ask questions in schools something which should not be allowed to go on, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said today, contending “unless you rebel, unless you challenge the status quo, how can you innovate anything”.

“Innovation is a process of rebellion essentially. Unless you rebel, unless you challenge the status quo, how can you innovate anything,” he said, emphasising the Modi government’s focus on innovation in education.

“Why do we lack innovation in India? Because, we don’t allow questioning. We don’t promote inquisitiveness. If a child asks questions in school, he is asked to sit down. This should not go on. We need to promote inquisitiveness, children should ask questions,” the newly appointed HRD Minister said.

Javadekar said if children are encouraged to be inquisitive, innovation would follow as the status quo would be challenged and there would be transformation. The minister, who had been given the charge of the HRD Ministry after Tuesday’s reshuffle, was speaking at an event, ‘Infocom 2016’, organised by the Ananda Bazar Patrika Group.

Javadekar reached out to students on day one, asserting that dialogue is the key to avoid the kind of agitations seen on campuses around the country in recent months.

Javadekar, seen as non-confrontational and reportedly handpicked by the party leadership for the complete contrast he provides to his aggressive predecessor Smriti Irani, said he would use his experience as a student leader to initiate “good dialogue” with students to prevent protests and clashes on campuses.