Published On : Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

One more warning to power distribution company SNDL for their autocracy

: The power distribution company SNDL and controversies have an old relations. With the rage of the citizens and public representatives over the autocratic behavior of SNDL, the Guardian Minister of the District and Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has once again issued a warning to SNDL authorities.

While addressing the media personnel at Ravi Bhavan on July 7, 2016, Energy Minister Bawankule while issuing a warning to SNDL authorities also expressed the limitations of the government. Recently, MLA from East Nagpur Krishna Khopde had raised the issue of the weird and exorbitant power bills sent to consumers. MLA Krishna Khopde had said that he is going to ask the people not to pay these bills in a meeting.  While expressing his views on the issue raised by MLA Krishna Khopde, he said that it is true that the citizens as well as public representatives are irked with the way SNDL is functioning. Energy Minister added that the work is not satisfactory too. However, he claimed that their hands are tied since the last government had entered into a contract with this company. He claimed that he is striving to improve the functioning of the company. According to the Energy Minister Bawankule, these hiked bills are of two types.

When the power consumer does not pay bills for many months and

When the SNDL officials do not come to take the meter readings for months together and when they do take the reading, depending on the unit, the slab in which the number of unit fall results in enhanced tariffs so the enhanced bills.

However, he added that according to the rules, every month, the SNDL officials should undertake the meter reading. The power consumers should receive the bills every month. He claimed that many consumers alleged that for many months, the officials of SNDL do not come to take the reading and finally when they come to take the readings, the bill is enhanced because the tariffs are also more for more number of units consumed.

Energy Minister Bawankule assured that he has issued directions that every consumer should be billed on the basis of monthly unit consumptions only. He added that a consumer redressal camp was also organized and the necessary directions have been issued to SNDL authorities. He added that the company cannot charge more amount than what the MERC has fixed. The Energy Minister also accepted that there is an Administrative and Financial lacuna in SNDL.

The company has failed to give the services. The employees of SNDL are working irresponsibly. There is a scope for large scale improvement in the functioning of the company.

A meeting is scheduled between the Energy Minister and Senior officials of SNDL on July 9, 2016. During this meeting, the company officials will be made aware of the consumer’s problems and the irresponsible functioning of SNDL officials. If they do not rectify their functioning, the State Government will take coercive steps.

While flaying the allegations of MLA Krishna Khopde, he said that all his allegations are not 100 % correct.