Published On : Fri, Aug 9th, 2013

It was all about the Surprise Birthday Bash and fun

All in one!



Nitiksha surely was totally surprised by the secret birthday bash thrown by friends at a posh city restaurant for her. The fun vibed through every nerve, as the party mood got elevated. Party started with some chit chatting. The most interesting event was when the cork of Champagne bottle was tossed and the drink sparkled all over. Later on the cake was cut, that was eaten less and messed around with more.

Although she looked forward to just hanging out with her friends for the occasion, she got fun flooded celebration by her closed ones. Booz and music had the enjoyment quotient redefined. The girls looked stylish in their modish wears, whereas guys were relaxed and casually dressed. Well it sure was a fun time with the closed ones, and apparently an excuse for others to have a get-together yet again, taking time out of their schedules.

As the Champagne sparkled







Dancing and Fun




Monica and Karan


Vikram and Ishika

-Ritu Walia

PICS BY: Sahil

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