Published On : Fri, Aug 9th, 2013

1000 Cr Shreesurya Scam: Disciple disappears Jilted investors turn to ‘Guru’ for their money

Nagpur News: The secret activities by Nagpur based Shreesurya Group shot into a major financial scam to the tune of over Rs 1000 crores. Since the time the scam was unearthed, hordes of investors who have put in their money into luring yet misguiding schemes of Shreesurya Investment are queuing up outside the company’s office located at Telecom Nagar here. But all of them were consciously kept from meeting the company’s Chairman Sameer Joshi who has deliberately managed all arrangement in place to not only secure himself but also prevent any ruckus.

CCTV cameras eyeing investors

Sources say that the company’s chief has got a pair of CCTV cameras installed outside his office through which he catches a whiff of who’s visiting. Only those are let inside whom the chief wanted to meet. The staff keeps the chief acquainted with various activities outside. Couple of extra security men has also been deployed outside his office. The investors are being told that the chief is not in the office but sources informed he is actually busy in chalking out further strategy.

Secret meeting at Telecom Nagar

Yesterday the concerned chief met with few people including legal consultant, a representative from real estate firm Phoenix Infra and an influential person from Umred. The reason behind the meeting was not ascertained.

Religious guru linked to scam

As the news spread the investors thronged at its office in Congress Nagar but they have to return empty handed for no officer or employee was present at the said office. An employee close to the company revealed that Shreesurya Group has notoriously committed a major financial fraud amounting to Rs 1000 crores. A stalwart of some religious sect is reportedly behind the scam. The concerned bigwig who has large chunk of followers in West Vidarbha has been reeling under upheaval since the things went wrong. It is learnt that Shreesurya Group Chairman Joshi went on to announce whimsical interest rates to the investors under the shelter of this heavy weight religious guru only. A major amount of the investors’ money has been reportedly sent to this guru.

No business experience

Sources said that the company’s Chairman Sameer Joshi has no past business experience to his profile. Joshi instead carried on the operations at the behest of this religious guru who is alleged to have link with RSS. This has led the investors to divert towards this guru and appeal him to get their money back from Joshi.