Published On : Sat, Jun 4th, 2016

Is WCL’s Pipla Mine being shut down?

wcl pipla mines
: A notice pasted at the office of WCL’s Pipla Coal Mine has hinted that the mine is on the verge of closure. On the other hand, the “inactive” labour unions have strongly protested the “likely” closure of the mine. According to experts, the Pipla mine still holds around 4.86 million ton quality coal stock. With these conflicting signals, the fate of Pipla Coal Mine hangs in balance.

The all-important notice has asked the working miners to apply for transfer to other mines of their choice. This ‘diktat’ sent tremors among the ‘good for nothing’ miners. But the representatives of different unions became ‘active’ and termed the notice a conspiracy to close down the mine. At present, around 440 miners are working in Pipla mine. 115 miners were transferred to other mines two months ago. At that time, the WCL management had said the transfers were for time being. But the notice asking the remaining miners to apply for transfers to other mines of their choice created doubts that the Pipla mine is being closed. If Pipla mine is shut down the nearby Walni Coal Mine could face water shortage of unprecedented nature in future.

WCL’s Sub-Area Manager R L Thakre, in view of growing anger as well as confusion, commenced production at the mine on Friday noon and ordered all the miners to resume work. Two SDL machines too were deployed to bring out the excavated coal from the mine. Other necessary tools are also being pressed into service in order to quell the unrest and put the speculations at rest.

When contacted for comments on the notice and the subsequent confusion among miners, the Sub-Area Manager Thakre said that he has no authority to divulge information related to the mine.

By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (