Published On : Fri, Aug 15th, 2014

Is this patriotism or hooliganism?

Car converted in the form resembling 'National Flag'!Nagpur News: The Independence Day was celebrated with patriotic fervor by the citizens of the city on August 15, 2014. Just like every year, this year too after the main flag hoisting at Kasturchand Park Grounds, the young guys and gals suddenly seem to have Patriotism woken inside them.

The young and energetic group of youngsters, induced with patriotism take out their bikes, open jeeps, SUVs and cars, arm themselves with a massive India Flag and move through the streets shouting patriotic slogans like “Vande Matram”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” etc. However, all that they succeeded was to spread the message of one of hooliganism, foolish gimmicks and stunts. These youthful groups were infact frightening the timid and older generation who had dared to venture out on their two-wheelers.

The SUVs and Jeeps had very loud music blaring from the speakers of their vehicles.  The SUVs and open jeeps had youths hanging precariously from all metallic pipes. While some had come out of the sun-roof and displaying flags, most had huge flags, buzz passing other commuters on the road.


The way our National Flags were seen displayed and carried by various people, on one hand gave the viewers a sense of pride, while on the other hand, the way disrespect is shown by draping the flag on the bonnet of the cars, on speakers etc gives a feeling of let-down. The size of flags ranged from 3X5 feets to Saree length.

One for the sake of 'Fun Ride'

One for the sake of ‘Fun Ride’


One for the sake of 'Fun Drive'

One for the sake of ‘Fun Drive’


Rallies being carried with DJ Music and bollywood numbers

Rallies being carried with DJ Music and bollywood numbers

Where does this patriotism go the rest of the year?

Most of these very youths are seen applying for foreign universities and for VISA, so that they can go and get gainful employment in other developed countries. They will not hesitate for one moment if they get good employment paying a lot of dollars in salary. If that is the case, why this façade on Independence Day?

What was police role?

The traffic police played a very pro-active role. Nagpur Today witnessed many traffic cops asking precariously hanging youths to sit inside their vehicle. Many two-wheelers who had three persons seated on the vehicle were challaned. While they were considerate and understood the youthful fervor and their need to enjoy, they did not want the youth to meet with any untoward incident. They were trying desperately to maintain law and order in the streets and on the road. The Charlie Commandoes too were active and were seen making their rounds at all sensitive and crime prone areas to ensure no untoward incident occurs.

The youth were enjoying their freedom by causing nuisance and indulging in hooliganism through the roads of the city. On the 68th Independence Day, many questions are raised especially one that “Is Our Nation Liberal?”, “Do we really have freedom?” etc. These are some of the questions which haunt everybody’s mind even on the 68th Independence Day.

People travelling triple seat!

People travelling triple seat!


Police Challaning the passerby!

Police Challaning the passerby!

Nagpur Today interacted with Nagpur’s youth in order to know, what is illicit and what is not according to them on the occasion of Independence Day.

Is it fine to drink alcohol and drive?

The youths of  Nagpur do not want to take risk by drinking alcohol and then drive. They prohibit driving in unconsciousness.

While driving, talking on cell phone is necessary?

If the call is important then park the vehicle on side of road and then attend the call. However, others said that that speaking on speaker while driving is fine according to them.

If any accident takes place while crossing. What is respond?

There was different answers from many youths such as, will call ambulance first and then will report police. Will help him by taking him or her to the hospital and then inform police. Whereas, some of youths will complete their formalities by calling police and move on.

If any girl or women is molested on street, what is your take?

Youth of Nagpur are very revolutionary on this take. Some of the youths they will punch the guy who will molest, until the girl asks for help.

According to other youths they won’t take any action but will provoke the girl to hit on boy’s face.According to girls, they would shout on the guy who will molest and call on 100.

What is their interest in politics? Is politics good or bad?

According to some of the youths politics has two sides. It depends on your perspective. If you like then it will be good otherwise bad. The shocking reply from one of  the youth was that she was not having interest in politics, but after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister Interest came in politics. However, according to other youths they have keen interest in politics.

What change would like to bring in politics?

The person who need a change to happen should be a part of it and try to change it instead of complaining others and would like to introduce a pyramid system of active members, engaged in carrying out development work. However, it gives a chance to a person to make changes in the favor of people and the best way to serve others. Would also love to work like a manager accountable for everything under their authority? In other words, 70% of youth has keen interest in implementing politics. Whereas, other 30% still think that politics is a bad idea.

And one resembling cricket player ' Malinga'

And one resembling cricket player ‘ Malinga’


Children being involved in roaming around on Independence Day

Children being involved in roaming around on Independence Day


That's our 'make-up' for the Day!

That’s our ‘make-up’ for the Day!


The hootings on the road!

The hootings on the road!


Car converted in the form resembling 'National Flag'!

Car converted in the form resembling ‘National Flag’!

PICS BY : Amol Gajbhiye