Published On : Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013

Is suicide note left by dead VNIT student in Nagpur tampered with? Last line creates suspicion


Nagpur News: Mystery seems to have been hounding Visverarya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) campus in Nagpur as the issues get murkier by the day. Two frequent suicides clubbed with a recent allegation of molestation against assistant professor SS Sonawane have caught VNIT administration on the wrong side. Now another goof up has come to light. The suicide notes left by a third year mechanical engineering student Hrishikesh Deepak Sarwate, who hanged himself to death in his hostel room at VNIT on Saturday, have been mired into mystery. One of the suicide notes appears to have been tampered with. And you do not need to be Einstein to figure this out.

One of the three suicide notes left by Hrishikish say that he has committed suicide due to academic reasons and also request VNIT administration to refund fees to his parents. He also mentioned that nobody is responsible for his suicide. What went unnoticed was that the last line mentioned in this letter written in English has some stark dissimilarity with rest of the text. Firstly, this line is written in black ink whereas entire text including the signature is done in blue ink. Even if it can be assumed that the blue ink might have been exhausted mid way to his writing and so he used black refill to add this line, then again the question arises that how come he signed the note at the end in blue ink again?

Ambazari police station Thana Incharge Anil Katkade, however, was not willing to buy the theory of third angle into the case. He told Nagpur Today that Hrishikesh’s body was taken out after breaking in the window frames and so there’s no question of anybody going in before the police arrived. He also denied any tampering with the letter. However, he said that Hrishikesh might have used the blank ink for writing this line in order to highlight the very fact.

The last line written in black before signing off the note in blue ink reads – “No one is responsible for this suicide.”

Nagpur Today zoomed into the formation of letters and its patterns then compared it with rest of the text. It came out that some of the alphabets in the line mismatches with those used in the blue text. Especially the letters “r” and “f” catches the curiosity.

Katkade said that his parents did not raise any objection to this. He said the boy had written separate letters to his mother-father, uncle and grandmother-grandfather.

Katkade informed that Hrishikesh had also left a separate note for the police written on yellow piece of paper, in which he requested not to inform his parents as they would not be able to bear this shock. He had mentioned the name of his uncle and his mobile number for informing the incident. The police had acted accordingly.