Has temp in Nagpur touched 49.55 degree C?

Nagpur: Agreed, the sun in Nagpur has gone extraordinarily harsh and city is boiling down like nothing, but the city sizzling at 49.55 degree Celsius appears far from real. But going the electronic display board outside Old Secretariat building currently housing office of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board says so! Our lensman captured a glimpse of this display showing Nagpur’s temperature at 49.55 degree C at 3:30 pm. Is it really so?

If this machine is working right, then we must say Nagpur has shattered all records of highest temperature.

The building is located at GPO Square.

However the figures did not match the official temperature released by Met Office which shows Tuesday’s highest temperature in Nagpur at 47.5 degree Celsius.

As per the Met office site, Chandrapur in Vidarbha recorded the highest tempeature of the day at 47.8 degree C.