Published On : Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

Irked citizens of Motibagh slums area break car wind screens to highlight choked canal

slums area break car wind screens (1)

The brunt of the negligence and apathy of the civic authorities had to bear by a few cars passing the Motibagh Railway bridge area on April 17, 2015.

The sewage canal passing through the slum area situated near Motibagh Railway Bridge has been choked for the past one month. The residents had complained about the choked sewer canal to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation many times. However, the NMC authorities never bothered to get the sewer line cleaned and get the sewage water to pass the sewage canal smoothly, they alleged. Two days ago, the sewage water started entering into many hutments too. The sewage water collecting in the premises was causing the major health hazard too.


The apathy shown by the civic authorities irked the residents of the slum area so much that they took on to the streets and demanded immediate action. When they saw no one bothered about their demands, they started pelting stones on passing vehicles. They went on to break the wind-screen of one car too.

slums area break car wind screens (2)
As soon as the Panchpaoli Police came to know about the action by the angered residents of the slum area, they arrived with the staff. They attempted to calm down the angered residents. Some of the employees of NMC arrived at the spot. One of the huts situated near the canal was broken down by the NMC staff. This angered the residents even more.

They started coming out in large numbers and started raising slogans against NMC.

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