Published On : Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

Bhandara Tigress chose termite mound as shelter for cubs


Bhandara vet discovers unique Tiger fact


The Secret life of Tigers revealed another stunning fact here in the forests of Bhandara. Continuous research and monitoring by Dr Gunvant Bhadke, Livestock Development Officer at Manegao Bazar near Bhandara has propounded that a Tigress in the local forests is using termite mounds as a shelter for her newly born cubs. The discovery is set to re-script the way tiger behaviour is researched in India.


Dr Bhadke has executed many carnivore rescue and rehabilitation programmes in Bhandara and Chandrapur districts in recent years. It is pertinent to note here that the Jambhdi-Khamba man-eating leopard was treated successfully by Dr Gunvant Bhadke before it’s rehabilitation to SGNP, Borivli. Discharging his duties at Manegao Bazar, Bhadke took up a study of role of termites and ants in development of forests. During the study, Dr Bhadke found newly born tiger cubs at one of the mounds. Dr Bhadke photographed the sight and left the place. In due course, the termite mound was observed by Dr Bhadke and other forest officials. The mound is around six feet in diameter and 4 feet tall. The cubs used to enter from the small opening of around 2 feet at the base of mound. There are four feet broad and 10 inches long openings on three sides of the mound including one 6 inches opening on the top. The construction of thee termite mound is also an architectural masterpiece, remarked Dr Bhadke.

The estimated age of the cubs was not more than 15 days, it is speculated. The tigress apparently selected the termite mound for protection of her cubs which is an indication of presence of wisdom among the Tigers, said Dr Bhadke.

… Nadeem Khan (Pics by Dr Gunvant Bhadke)