Published On : Tue, Jan 7th, 2014

Informants, small beard under lower lip and the name Sanju help solve the double-murder case: CP

  1. Police Commissioner agrees that this crime to have different impact on public, holds press conference to spread message of reassurance to the masses
  2. Looting the main motive behind the double murder
  3. Police Commissioner announces reward of Rs 5000 for Detective Branch Team of Kalmeshwar Police Station who solved the crime
Police Commissioner K K Pathak addressing the Media with his proud team

Police Commissioner K K Pathak addressing the Media with his proud team

Nagpur Today: The Police Commissioner K K Pathak organized a press conference at his office to inform about the successful operation in which the police department cracked the double murder case and all the accused have been arrested. It may recalled that a young man named Nitin Narayan Tirode and his friend Nitin Thakur were returning home on their Hero Honda motorbike no MH 31/ BR/ 5164 were attacked by unknown assailants with sharp swords and were killed on the spot near the board of Jai Durga Ma Housing Society, on the Outer Ring Road, at Vihirgaon falling under the Hudkeshwar Police Station on January 4, 2014 at 22:30 hrs.

Understanding the sensitivity of the crime and the impact this double murder will have on the denizens of the city, the Nagpur Commissioner of Police directed all the police stations to activate their informants. This move helped in solving this crime. The activation of the informants of Hudkeshwar and Kalamna Police Station yielded its desired effect and the police officers got information that one of the guys they know had a small beard below the lower lip called Sanju used to be involved in many waylaying cases.

The cops came to know that Sanju was admitted in the Government Medical College & Hospital and that he is in a critical condition. The informants also informed that he had a friend who used to be his accomplice in waylaying people. His name was Gulu. This information gave a direction to the investigating officers of the Kalamna Police Station and from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am (in the night), the cops arrested the accused one after the other and solved the case.

The names of the accused are 1. Sanjay @ Sanju Pardhi aged 24 yrs and a resident of Shyamnagar, Kalamna (presently in critical condition in GMCH), 2. Vilas @ Golu Jagatmal Barade aged 22 yrs and a resident of Shyamnagar, Pardi, 3. Lankesh @ Lucky Rajendra Jugnake aged 25 yrs and a resident of house near Chamat School, Pardi, 4. Ashish Ghanshyam Tale, aged 22 yrs and a resident of Bhavani Nagar, Punapur Road, Nagpur, 5. Kunal @ Golu Indal Meshram aged 20 yrs and a resident of Plot No 10, Shivnagar, Nagpur, 6. Sameer @ Shubham Girishsupare aged 18 yrs and a resident of Shiv Nagar Plot Nagpur.

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Sustained interrogation revealed the entire modus-operandi. The cops said that in all their years of service as policemen, this murder seems to have been the most cruel one. They said that during interrogation, they learnt that Sanjay was such a cold blooded and cruel person that even after looting the person or victim, he will deliberately attack him with the knife or sword. In the double murder case, he used a serrated knife which had serration on one side, while the other side was very sharp. He had plunged the sword into both the victims and had practically gouged out their intestines.

What happened was these five accused were on three motorcycles. Sanjay Pardi @ Sanju and another accused were riding on one of the motorcycles. They first way laid the first person on the same road a few meters away and after attacking him, they escaped from there and then they waylaid the two persons, killed them and were on their way back to the city. When the first person lodged a complaint with the Hudkeshwar Police Station, he related how one of the accused had pleaded with another accused calling him Sanju and said “Sanju mat mar” (Don’t kill), He said that other accused who was asking Sanju not to kill had a small beard like growth under his lower lips.

After killing these two innocent victims they were escaping at a great speed. Since Sanjay was drunk, he lost control of his vehicle and fell down. He suffered serious injuries to his head (the frontal portion of his skull had broken and had gone inside). Sources in the police department said that the doctors who were attending to Sanjay opined that he is critical and would die at any moment. The remaining accused just deserted him and escaped from the scene.

The informants had told the cops that Sanju is one of those who are involved in such cases in the past too. The cops realized that Sanjay is in the GMCH and in a critical condition. The informant then told the cops that he had a close accomplice called Golu. They also informed his present location. When the cops arrested him, and put him through sustained interrogation, he spilled the beans and informed the cops of all the accused who were involved in the double murder. The Commissioner of Police K K Pathak was very pleased by the DB (Detective Branch) Squad of Kalamna Police Station and announced immediately after the Press Conference that the entire squad be given a reward of Rs 5000:00.

During the press conference, he assured the media that the percent of penalization of criminals have gone up to 22%. He claimed that they have the most number of MPDA cases registered (7cases) and many MCOCA cases to ensure gang free city.

He however agreed that in the crime rate, the city is ranked 2-3 place in the state. He said that the police department is doing everything to ensure that the city remains crime free, however there are some crimes (domestic violence) where the police cannot do anything to prevent them. He said that they are planning to strengthen the beat system and to increase the staff in each beat. While answering about the increase in chain snatching cases, he said that they are trying to increase the commandos on motorbike to increase their patrolling to ensure that such cases do not occur.

He invited all suggestions to ensure proper traffic control and other measures to maintain law and order in the city. He also said that he will increase citizen participation in crime control operations.

:: Samuel Gunasekharan & Ravikant Kamble