Published On : Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

Infamous pimp’s main madamme arrested in sex racket bust; one girl rescued in raid

raidNagpur: In another well planned move, the Social Security Cell of the Crime Branch of Nagpur Police on November 11, 2014 arrested a madamme for her alleged involvement in flesh trade. The accused is identified as Lata @ Muskan Anwar Qureshi, 31 years, was operating flesh trade from a posh flat situated in Flat No 402, fourth floor of Nirmal Pride Apartments in Manish Nagar under the jurisdiction of Sonegaon Police Station. The house was allegedly rented from Sheetal Deshmukh who is in Australia. The accused had taken the posh two-bedroom flat on rent at Rs 9000 per month. When the cops raided the premises, they found very costly electronic goods and facilities. The flat including the bedrooms visited by clients was fitted with Air Conditioners. Many other fancy things like a massive aquarium, mega sized Plasma TVs etc were found in the flat.

According to police sources, the accused Lata @ Muskan Anwar Qureshi is a keep of Anwar Qureshi. The cops also told us that both are said to be activists of Shiv Sena (who throw their clout every now and then, whenever any cops attempt to arrest them). Anwar Qureshi is said to be running a property dealers firm named Muskan Property Dealers in Hudkeshwar area. He is also said to be reputed and pretty well off. Cops also claimed that Anwar is the kingpin of the entire racket. However, the cops could not arrest him as yet.

The accused Anwar QureshiThe accused whose real name is Muskan Anwar Qureshi (based on the Aadhar Card seized from the flat) allegedly used to procure girls from Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and other places. The native place of the accused is probably Hyderabad, since she had written all addresses and names of contacts in Telugu language.

On questioning, the cops found that only yesterday she had arrived back to city with a new girl from Kolkata after returning the girl from Hyderabad. She confessed to be paying Rs 1 lakh for 10 days in Nagpur. The accused Madamme charged Rs 5000 per client per hour. When the cops raided the premises after sending a punter, they recovered Rs 30,000 from the rescued girl (the payment from 6 clients).

On questioning, the rescued girl said that she is 25 years old, married and mother of a 3 year-old son. She claimed that she was always handcuffed with a chain to the bed. She was also told that she was forced to entertain any number of clients at any time (day or night).

The Social Security Cell of the Crime Branch was on the watch of the accused for the past many days. The accused Anwar Qureshi had given an expensive mobile phone and handsome tips to the security guard of the building so that he gives a missed call if any new comer enters the building. The guard allegedly knows the RTO registration numbers of all the police marked and unmarked vehicles. He used to alert or warn the accused the moment any police vehicle passed the way.

On Tuesday November 11, 2014, the cops sent a punter with Rs 5000 as a customer (after getting a prior appointment 2 days earlier). The guard had verified with the accused before the punter could be sent inside the flat. On his signal the cops raided the posh flat and arrested the woman.

During the raid the cops seized two mobiles, one diary and Rs 30,000 (apart from the Rs 5000 which was sent through the punter). The diary had mobile numbers of clients and other girls from other places but in Telugu. The SSB cops claimed that they will investigate the accused and would later come to know if any minor is involved in this trade.

The raid was undertaken under the guidance of Additional Commissioner of Police Sunil Kolhe and ACP Nilesh Raut and under the supervision of Police Inspector B M Powar, API Patil, PSI Kolhe, Police Hawaldar Pandurang, Sanjay Pande, Gopal Vaidhya, Ajay, Yogesh, WPC Asmita, Driver Nilesh, Photographer Wharadpande.