Published On : Tue, Apr 28th, 2020

Indo-European council appreciates Dr Pachlore’s Foundation for fight against corona

The Corona Pandemic has created Trauma throughout the world. The planet seems to be hijacked by the COVID-19 . The Virus has infected and affected , the personal and professional lives of all in direct and indirect manner. Globally the Human race has came in shut & mute mood , with the contagious spread of corona virus. With depression & mental disturbance rampant across all strata of society , Government ropes in counsellors as advised by Dr. Pachlore Foundation. Team of 30 Counsellors , 28 Psychiatrist & 36 Psychiatric Nurses are successful In reaching 47000 migrants and others so far , informed Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope.

Lockdown, Isolation and containment of houses due to the outbreak of Covid- 19 pandemic may have disturbed the minds, irrespective of age , the mental status is affected. People who were freely roaming on the streets are finding it hard to spend the day. This has increased the level of anxiety, fearfulness, restless, acute suspiciousness regarding Covid, acute stress reaction , sadness hopelessness, helplessness, sleep disturbances , substance abuse , disease anxiety , obsessions and compulsions, irrelevant thought and others. Hence Dr. Pachlore Foundation in association with Indo- European Council has been executing successfully Behavioural Entrepreneurship & Success Traits (Mind – Kind Development Program ).

Dr. Pachlore Foundation Decided to provide ATM (Any Time Madat ) – Tele counselling to the people to those who reach them over phone calls. Expressing delight and satisfaction with the success of ATM (Any Time Madat ) module . Dr. Sanjeevani Pachlore (Medical Director – DPF- PVMM) said , “The country is witnessing an unusual situation for the first time due to lockdown. Public is almost confined to homes, which has led to psychological pressure and needs it to be eased. Hence Dr. Pachlore Foundation has taken the initiative of counselling people over tele- phone and providing tele- medicines.” People who were addicted to alcohol and drugs are developing withdraw symptoms that is well documented. They need to be counselled properly or else they may start thinking negatively, this is where our volunteers come in picture, “. She pointed.

The main highlight was crowned by Pilot project ‘ Behavioural Entrepreneurship Success Traits (B.E.S.T), an International Mind-Kind Development Program conducted on Harvard & Ox-Bridge norms, which was marked by the Webinar participation of International Delegates from France, Germany, Spain, U.K , Poland , Portugal , U.S & Canada turned out to be Lapis Lazuli in true sense .

The three week International Management Development Programs conducted through online attracted bureaucrats, political stalwarts , professional and intellectuals from national & International institute of repute including IITs & IIMs of India. The star studded Mentors & Motivators included Dr. MareckKrukowski (Director- European Council & Eminent Ecologist ) , Dr. Mohan Agashe ( Veteran Actor & Psychiatrist ) Madame JustynaKrukowska ( Director , JBL , Poland ) , Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore ( Director – DPF – PVMM ) GhislaineMontier ( Ecole De PsychologuesPraticiens& Psychotherapist , France )
The highlight of the program proved to be Cheerful Body Workshop highlighting balance of Mind , Body and soul techniques with Psycho – somata therapy. conducted by JustyanaKrukowaska. The modern methodology of holistic relaxation to revitalise energy zone was expertly taught along with special practical session on voice culture & modulation. “India has always been land of solace, solidarity and solutions to all the issues. The rich values , tradition & culture are true wealth of this nation , which makes it Incredible in real sense. The blend aroma of ancient wisdom and modern know how lingers in harmony at the Dr. Pachlore foundation, it feels like GlocalGurukul serving as ready reckoner to all” expressed Madame JustynaKrukowska ( Eminent Psycho-somata therapist and celebrated Artist- Poland ).

Eminent Psychiatrist & Veteran Actor Dr. Mohan Agashe said , “ The whole range of media, mainly television , web and print media has been pouring in too much information and doing good educational work. Along with this , the social media is also pouring which might not be authentic , this has led to an increase in anxiety level’. “ This is likely to create anxiety in normal population. resulting in Phobia, depression mainly among the vulnerable lot. Those who are going through stress and particularly having mental illness are likely to experience significant increase in anxiety, depression , fear and negative approach towards life. This may lead to suicidal tendencies as ted from certain quarters. They have to be counselled and our volunteers are taking it up regularly.’ He added.

Dr. Vikramsingh said those who are elderly , pregnant and youth are likely to be frightened due to the pandemic and adding the migrant population having relatives in vulnerable areas or hotspots and loss of financial support is also developing fear psychosis , anxiety depression. Keeping many of these aspects in mind Dr. Pachlore Foundation decided to extend the telemedicine facility from the qualified doctors who can clear up the doubts , take up counselling, help with prescription wherever it is necessary to mitigate the risk. This has been inducing positive vibes in the society. We are confident that the services will go long way in clearing the cobweb of confusion if any. All office bearers and executive members are available for online consultation and help.

Innaugrating with his scientific session; eminent environmental scientist Dr. MareckKrukowska said , “We Human beings are always been selfish and ignorant towards nature. Its our extensive greed that is making our mother earth bleed. From weapon of mass destruction to Biological warfare , the human race is moving from bad to worse and COVID -19 is just another monster of our mind and we need to defeat it with our collective compassionate efforts. It is indeed great pleasure to witness the sustainable development and innovative practices carried by Dr. Pachlore Foundation Maestro Multiversity . its pressing need of an hour to realize & recognize the vivid Environmental issues and take corrective measures to develop sustainable and harmonious living of mankind.

Dr. Pachlore foundations programs are idealistic role model for new generations by establishing the balance of Nature & Nurture. The interdependence of Nature & creature flora and fauna is crux of life.’ Guiding further on Human evolution & Future he said , “The east should not repeat the mistakes made by the western countries damaging the ecological balance to satisfy never ending greed for more. We all are interrelated, interdependent & Integrated ,chaotic Cousins’, Its time to work together for global peace and prosperity” The brain storming session were conducted on present ecological balance issues..

“Dedication, Determination & Devotion are the 3D that the young generation should imbibe to achieve glory and success. Every individual needs to work for the betterment of society and serve the mankind. We human beings should prove ourselves as an asset not as an liability to our environment”. Guided GhislaineMontier ( Ecole De PsychologuesPraticiens& Psychotherapist , France ). She further praised the initiative taken by the Dr. Pachlore Foundation for serving the students to cope up with career anxiety and performance stress with help of Maestro Multiversity creative programs. “The global .achievements and applause of the foundation is the guiding light to the modern world. The interdisciplinary eclectic approach of education is praiseworthy for producing magnificent results.” Added GhislaineMontier

Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore (Director – DPF-PVMM) said , “Dr. Pachlore Foundation ‘ Knowledge Village’ has gained reputation nationally and internationally for rendering high quality , research and result oriented program with practical approach & application of behavioural science. We express gratitude to our International associates across the globe for sharing our vision & Mission of Universal peace and brotherhood through thought & Talent exchange in this high time of Pandemic & Global Lockdown. We feel proud to see our Alumni shining on responsible & respectable positions in public and private sector. Most importantly the humanitarian values we inculcate to our pals is the most precious treasure of our Organization. we continue faithfully with our belief of ‘ SalusPopuliSuperma Lex ( Welfare of the people is the supreme Law ). Dr. Vikramsingh Pachlore guided the students on balancing the I.Q & E.Q in virtual world. He introduced to the vivid work & stress management techniques , including novice practical sessions on Neurobics , Yogathon and Music Mantra. Know thyself & explore thyself is the crux of life , one should be clear about his perception and projection of personality, You nature decides your future.

The B.E.S.T (MDP) program marked great success among professionals and was highly applauded by Intellectuals for exploring Interdisciplinary subjects like Image Management, NLP, Human Temperament ,Spirituality , Sexuality, Soft Skills & Effective Communication with innovative and practical dimension. In Gloomy disastrous and distress period of Pandemic , Dr. Pachlore Foundation served Elixir of Enthusiasm and Edutainment in all aspects. Participants across the globe expressed their gratitude and appreciation for serving the affirmative Intellectual & Innovative aid to bloom . The participants were overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm to undergo intensive training on health management on true International standards. And congratulated Dr. Pachlore Foundation for well deserve appreciation and applause for playing pivotal role in transcending positive social environment with innovation & selfless services.