Published On : Wed, Oct 27th, 2021
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Indian Talent Olympiad & E-Cell IIT Bombay presenting NEO olympiad

There are multitudes of ways in which one might stand out. It can be because of their ideas, the projected output, the explanation of their idea, the supposed presentation and various other ways. But all of these require proper knowledge of the subjects and a platform with good reach. The Indian Talent Olympiad understands the importance of providing students with an outlet as well as a platform upon which they can best express themselves present their ideas and understanding give their best and in return gain valuable input upon their performance and feedback upon how to improve.


It needs to be understood that diversity when embraced has much to offer, the  Indian Talent Olympiad caters to this very diversity and variety of needs. The organization keeps reinventing and upgrading itself to provide the young participating students with only the best of resources and an enhanced and impactful learning experience which they carry with them for a long time. The most recent development associated to this upgrade has been the National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO).


The Indian Talent Olympiad along with one of the nation’s premier educational Institute- the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay’s ECell- Eureka Junior, is presenting a new Olympiad, the National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO), one of its kind experience for the students so that they can express themselves and their ideas in an improved way.


Entrepreneurship is basically defined as a concept of managing a business idea and associated venture,  uptaking the responsibilities of it besides the obvious gain and hardship that comes along when working in the corporate world, it can be described as the keenness to start something new, essentially a business where one bears all the risks and makes use of all the rewards. An individual who undertakes such a venture is called an entrepreneur, they are essentially credited as the innovators with ideas and an aim to provide goods, services and more.

Olympiads are highly competitive tests put together under expert guidance to bring out the best of a student’s knowledge and put it to the test to help them excel in a field of their choice, all the while working under the prescribed syllabus of their respective academic levels, and educational boards.


The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO) is an initiative that has been put in place to nurture young minds and inspire them to start something anew.  The country we live in is teeming with ideas and individuals looking for opportunities and places to showcase their work and gain acknowledgement for their effort. Entrepreneurship is amongst the best ways to go but it has its ups and downs to overcome which one needs to be better informed about the process and what it entails. One needs to compete with the best of minds in the country and have a great grasp upon the basics related to entrepreneurship when competing, the National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO) presents the golden opportunity for interested students to learn about the world of business so that they can apply this knowledge over a wide spectrum of things.


Mentioned below are some important facts to be noted for the examination:


  • The National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO).is open for students of classes 6 to 12.
  • One can participate in the exam free of charge.
  • The Registration for the exams are now open, the dates are as follows – 
    • Starting Date-14th October 2021
    • Ending date – 05th November 2021
    • The date of the Exam is –31st October 2021.
    • The date for result declaration is  –14th November 2021


One can gather more information pertaining to the exam by visiting the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad. Registration details and NEO olympiad information available at Ito site.


The Indian Talent Olympiad has been working with millions of students across the nation for over eight years to bring the young mind, educational resources and opportunities to learn, grow and be rewarded for their meritorious performance. The organization’s efforts have been recognized by eminent personalities as Ms P.T. Usha, the renowned Indian Olympic athlete, a Padmashree awardee. The organization is well versed with the process involved to carry out the exams in the smoothest possible way and hence, ITO has been functioning in the adverse times of pandemic as well offering its services to interested students.

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More information related to the same, along with paper pattern, syllabus and additional educational resources can be found on the official website of ITO.

We look forward to growing with the bright young minds of today.