Published On : Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Independence Month Special – Tiranga Idlis Anyone???

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Many patriotic Indians do different things on Independence day: some buy flags of different sizes and put them over their homes or on their vehicles. Some wear tri colored clothes; youngsters party and go on two wheeler ‘parades’ of their own! They sing and dance and play loud music…

And then there is this Kumar ‘idli wallah’ -as we call him – who ear marks the whole of August to make his most famous idlis, Tiranga idlis!

Saffron, white and green coloured, these idlis are NOT made using food colour, but real, nutritious ingredients.

The ‘orange’ or saffron comes from grated carrots and beet root, white is of course the natural colour of the idli batter, and green comes from ground mint and coriander.

What’s more, these idlis are served with a special ‘cream cheese sauce’ along with his trade mark peanut chutney, also white in colour.

These tri colour idlis are something regular fans of the place look forward to the whole year long and they get consumed as soon as they are made.

Kumar could easily make them the year round to increase his earnings, if that was the motive, but it is not! It is simply to demonstrate his love for his country and its food and its people.

This man has the ‘habit’ of keeping on innovating on his food with the main goal of serving healthy food to his patrons.

He is the only Idli wallah who must be adding generous amount of moong sprouts to another kind of ‘value added idlis’ to add to their nutrition.

His corn samosas are another specialty as is a special called Punugulu!

He has recently introduced ‘dili kebabs’ as well.

But if you want to savour the tiranga idlis, rush till August is on… Or you will have to wait another year till the next Independence ‘month’!



Kumar Idlis, Opposite police station, VIP road, Civil lines, Nagpur.


91 9325 7561 51