In NMC big prove winners while small contractors are losers

Nagpur: Everyone is familiar with the dual policy of NMC’s particular contractors too change sides on change of officials. It is only the small contractor who have to suffer while the big ones enjoy.

It may be mentioned that the meeting of the so called members of the contractors’ association was held on Thursday in main building of NMC at the initiative of Standing Committee chairman, in presence of Chief administrator. Sometime back the ‘Current Schedule of Rate’ was released for Public works Department works by the Municipal Administration. Without knowing the full text of CRS the contractor’s organization hailed the CSR. But soon on coming to know the rates were vey low so they asked administration to change the rate. It was the Chairman of Standing Committee who asked the contractors to get CSR changed from administration. It is sure the change will be done.

It is alleged that the NMC former Finance and Accounts Officer Gadge for the sake of commission has been misusing the reserved funds and he was hailed by contractors. This officer has literally emptied the coffer by using the funds received for special projects. Mona Thakur who has come in Gadge’s place is trying to fill the coffers. Due to this the contractors are against her.

When the administration asked Mona Thakur to break the Fixed Deposit or take loan. She said that it would not be good for NMC.

During the revised budget the administration had announced that the funds were being taken from Malaria-Filaria funds to pay the small contractors. But the administration is alleged to made large payments to big contractor and has given very little to small contractors.

It may be mentioned that Opposition leader Tanaji Wanve will raise the issue of injustice done, in the public meeting of 20 March. Now it remains to be seen what action does the ruling party or administration takes.

No doubt there is shortage of funds but not a single big tender ha gone blank. All the work at corporator level are being carried out and only the big ones have come to standstill. With this in view, the current Standing Committee Chairman has already said that he will discuss the matter with the Chief Minister and seek help.