Published On : Mon, Apr 13th, 2020

In Nagpur a humble initiative by The Save Speechless Organization (SSO)

Contribute for pledge for a bowl .. A bowl of water to save a stray !!

As we all know the current global health crises due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone is having a tough time, being forced to be quarantined in their homes during the lockdown this summer. These troubled times are hitting quite hard the stray animals. The strays who can be seen wandering in cities in almost every location are having unbelievably tough times as they are completely dependent on humans for food and water.

Even birds and other smaller animals like squirrels, cats, etc. are struggling for their survival.

Though the strays can manage to get food in the streets or by the roadside thrown by the passersby, it is the question of water because the animals and birds can survive without food for a few days but not without water. Hence, water is regarded as life itself. But not many can provide water to these animals even if they want to due to not being able to carry bottles, bowls or tanks everywhere they go. The rising temperature of summer and lockdown is really taking a toll on these poor speechless lives and we got to do something.

Hence, the ​‘​Save Speechless Organization (SSO)’ ​has taken an initiative with the project named ​‘Jal Hai Sabka Haq’ ​by placing ​cement water pots in the city of Nagpur.

Through this project, we aim to help the stray animals, birds, and other creatures to quench their thirst in this summer during the lockdown. For now, we have placed an order of 50 pots ​(​each pot costs ​120 Rs.) ​but we want more to place in Nagpur so that no animal ever dies of thirst. The best thing about these pots is that due to their weight no one can steal them away which usually happens with mud pots or any other metal pots thus they will be placed their permanently. We are in talking terms with the NMC about filling them whenever needed. Also, all of them have our organization’s title ​‘​Save Speechless Organization (SSO)​’ ​as identification marks.

To place more pots in Nagpur we need all of your help. If you do not want any animal to die of thirst and help them out, then please come forward and donate the min. amount of ​120 Rs. in which ​1 Pot ​can be made to quench the thirst of many. We all know that this amount is very negligible for quenching the thirst of many strays. In these toughest times, we all need to help each other and the animals as well because they too are an integral part of this planet and we got to save them with us.

So if you are willing to be a part of this humble initiative to help these animals with drinking water by placing such pots in your locality, colonies or in front of your gates, you are most welcome to inform us on our ​Facebook page ​‘Save Speechless Organization, Nagpur’ ​with a ​direct message. We will get the pots made for you too and even help to place them in your preferred areas as we are going to place our 50 pots on the coming Saturday which will be ready with paints on them by the coming Friday. To get these pots for yourself all you need is to tell us the ​no. of water pots you want and complete address of the location of the placement of pots.

Kindly note that those who want to get the pots for themselves and those who want to contribute in this ​‘Jal Hai Sabka Haq’ ​initiative by their kind donations for the water pots, please use the following Official Bank Account details only to transfer the amount:

Bank Name: ​Indian Bank
Account Name: ​Save Speechless Organization Account No.: ​6461521662
IFSC Code: ​IDIB000M313
Account type: ​Current
Branch: ​Manewada Nagpur