Published On : Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Immersion tank at Gandhi Sagar leaks even before Ganesh festival

Nagpur: In order to ensure that immersion of idols does not pollute the Gandhisagar pond during Ganesh Chaturthi, an immersion tank is being constructed near it with an expected cost of 95 lakh rupees. However, disclosing the seriousness involved in the construction and quality of work being, it has been purported that the tank is leaking.

Given the fact that hardly two days are left for the beginning of this eleven Day festival, the situation appears worrisome.

Mohammad Israil, Engineer, Municipal Corporation, was also spotted at the pond to plan a fix for the leakage. Looking at the scenario, it cannot be denied that neglect has been done in the construction and the same has been overlooked. The construction, however, is expected to complete by 26th of this month. When Israil was approached to give an official statement in the matter, he preferred not to answer.

The tank, as of now, will have to be emptied and grouted again before it can be used for idol immersions. The same is expected to take a week’s time.