Published On : Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

IMA Nagpur condemns Govt. decision


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IMA, Nagpur strongly condemns the Government’s decision to allow Homoeopathy Doctors to do crosspathy practice. In spite of the decision by the Hon’ble Supreme Court that modern medicine like Allopathy cannot be practiced by any other pathy like Homoeopathic or Unani Practitioners, the Govt. has neglected the Supreme Court’s version for short term political gains.

The Council of Homoeopathy itself does not want its doctors to practice crosspathy. In the interest of the society, this decision will do more harm than benefit to the patients at large, because largely unqualified doctors will be prescribing Allopathy drugs.

IMA asks the Govt. not to play with the lives of the patients by allowing the prescriptions at the hands of half baked doctors. Allopathy drugs are double edged swords and there are short term and long term side effects, which certainly need qualification and expertise to understand.

IMA warns of severe agitation against this unjust, irrational and populist move on the eve of the Elections informs Dr. Warsha Dhawale, President, IMA, Nagpur.

Dr. Ashok Adhao, Past National President, IMA, Dr.Prashant Nikhade, Dr. Sanjay Deshpande and Officer Bearers have expressed similar sentiments.