Published On : Sat, Feb 20th, 2021

Ignorance of dead body must be stopped – Srikant Shivankar

Corona testing of persons who died in accidents during and after the Corona has been made mandatory as per the directives of the Government and it is in the interest of the society. Often the body of a person who has died in an accident is immediately sent to a government hospital by the police for autopsy.

After the body reaches the hospital, the police department is required to report the information to the hospital, but if it does not arrive on time, the autopsy is delayed due to non-examination of the corona. This causes the dead body to rot and the doctors do not take any action as no documents have been received.

As per the instructions of the government, the corona test of the dead body is to be done before the autopsy. At the time when the body is received by the medical officer, the corona test should be done so that the documents received from the police are delayed. A discussion has been made with Supritendant Medical hospital regarding proper management of this issue so that body could be handover to deceased family and to stop tourcharement .

The police department should also cooperate said shivankar