Published On : Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

I will go to courts against Baba Ramdev says Vijay Wadattiwar

: The issue of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev given a big land in MIHAN at very low rates is becoming hot topic of discussion. Congress MLA Vijay Wadattiwar has made up his minds to take up the issue of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev given a big piece of land in MIHAN at very low rate in the courts. He claimed to be collecting all relevant documents after which he will approach the court and raise the issue.

MLA Vijay Wadattiwar claimed that Baba Ramdev has been allotted land at a price way below the market rate. He wants to know from the government why this favouritism was shown to Baba Ramdev.

It could be mentioned here that Baba Ramdev wants to establish an industry in MIHAN where Forest based medicines are processed and agriculture based products are manufactured. There have been talks between Baba Ramdev and State Government for some time now. The issue was caught-up in the rates of the land. However, last week the government has decided to allot land to Baba Ramdev at the rate of Rs 40 lakhs per acre. The decision taken by the State Government drew a lot of flak from the opposition parties.

The Deputy Opposition Leader in Vidhan Sabha Vijay Wadattiwar is ready to approach the courts with this issue. He has asked the State Government why this favoritism was shown towards Baba Ramdev. According to Vijay Wadattiwar, the market rate of 230 acres of land works out to be approximately Rs 920 Crores, however, the Government has decided to give the land to Baba Ramdev at very less cost.

Vijay Wadattiwar went on to say that Baba Ramdev is no more a Yoga Guru but has become a businessman or trader. He will be undertaking business or trade at MIHAN. He will not be involved in any social work or social service. If Baba Ramdev really wants to do philanthropic work with a true heart, then he would have started this industry in the Naxal hit area of Gadchiroli where all the necessary forest herbs and medicinal plants are found in abundance. Many tribal youth would have availed the employment opportunities if he starts an industry in Gadchiroli. Many alleged that Baba Ramdev had provided large financial aids to BJP during the elections and this is a reward for that. It is also alleged that Baba Ramdev’s industries are being set-up in all those states where BJP is in power.