Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

I will be accessible to all: Collector Kurve to citizens


Collecter Sachin kurve   (1)

The newly-appointed Nagpur District Collector Sachin Kurve while addressing a press meet claimed that as the District Collector, Action speaks louder than words so I want to be a man of action. I also want to be accessible, approachable and perform a transparent administration.

In the evening of the first day of taking charge as the District Collector, Sachin Kurve spoke to the media personnel and told them that the media personnel can meet him everyday in the evening without an appointment, which showed that he wants to be transparent and media friendly.

He appologised to the media personnel for the delay in the meet since the farewell programme accorded to the outgoing District Collector Abhishek Krishna was delayed.

New District Collector Sachin Surve claimed that he had a meeting with all the revenue officials and one of the priorities is the study the application of Land Acquisition Act in Nagpur.

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SMS of information of certificates

He added that people are often required to come to the collectorate to check if their certificates are made or not. This delay in the issue of certificates is often used by touts and brokers to make a quick buck and get the certificates made soon. In order to remove the touts from the collectorate, the new Collector intends to get the Mobile numbers of the person requesting a certificate so that as soon as the certificate is made, the collector office will be sending an SMS saying that the certificate is ready and that they can collect it from the officer. Or if need be the certificates can also be sent through Speed Post or Registered post.

While answering a query on what procedural changes he intends to introduce, Collector Sachin Survey claimed that in the next 10 days one can see the changes in the functioning of the collectorate office. He said that during the time, he also spoke to some officials who had come to discuss of the land acquisition for Metro Project.

SMS about PDS
The new collector also wants to introduce the SMS messaging system to make people especially in the rural areas aware of the availability of the ration in the Public Distribution System (PDS) shops. He added that the some of the numbers they have are old so they are going to take the mobile numbers of 5 men and 5 women from each village so that they can pass on the message of the arrival of the PDS goods.

Collecter Sachin kurve   (3)
Illustrious former postings

While answering a question of his earlier postings, he said that he had worked as Director of Tehri Dam and the work of rehabilitation of the highest point of 800 meters was achieved by him. He was also the Collector of Dehradun and Haridwar. During his tenure as Collector in Haridwar, twice he had managed the crisis Kumb Mela. He was also instrumental in getting the pilgrims evacuated during the 2004 disaster with the help of Air Force and the Army. He has received many medals and recognition for the exemplary work he has put in. He claimed that after becoming entitled to come to the home state, I have returned back. I shall surely work to make this city good.

When asked about his aim to develop MIHAN, He said that he will soon meet the officials of MIHAN and after reviewing the work done so far only can he comment.

While answering to another question that Nagpur has become a special city with the Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers from Nagpur, he said that since Nagpur has acquired a sensitive city’s identity, the responsibilities too has increased.

While speaking about the irrigation projects, he said that the work on canals and dams are on and that they have time till the end of June after which rains may hinder in the construction work. Till then they are working on the deepening, widening and desilting of canals.