Published On : Wed, Apr 8th, 2015

‘I had no idea he was filming me’: Model raped, blackmailed with MMS

 ‘Sleep with me or I’ll kill your child said the rapist’, claimed model

2 (12)Nagpur: Indian married women worship their husbands. They observe fast and pray for the husband’s long life. They pray to Almighty to keep their husbands safe from all dangers and perils. Next to their husbands, a child means everything to every mother. A woman can become fiercely over-protective of their child and will be ready to do anything to save them from any impending danger. Often, these sentiments are misused by husbands and others for their own ulterior motives.

In a similar case that came to fore, a married woman who was a model was raped by another model initially by threatening to kill her child and her husband. Later on when she acquiesced or succumbed to the threat, he filmed her when the accused first raped her. The victim claimed that the accused used to blackmailing her claiming that he will make the MMS viral on social network and continued to rape her off and on.

The victim is a 28 year-old model who is also married and has an infant son. The accused identified as Imran Illyas Sheikh a model aged 28 years and a resident of Godhni area had met the victim in the shop of the husband of the model/victim. To start with, the accused used to claim that the husband and wife duo were his second set of parents. However, somewhere down the lane, he developed a crush for the wife, model and victim. One fine day, he expressed or professed his undying love for the victim and started pressuring her to love him. He started pressuring her to be on communication with him on Whatsapp. At first, the woman did not take him seriously. However, one day, he became aggressive and started threatening her. He started claiming that he will kill her husband and child if she does not respond favourably to his advances. When the woman did not succumb to his advances, he damaged their Maruti Alto car door and had torn the cover of the car to shreds. He had later called her to claim that this is only a sample and will carry out other threats as well if she does not respond to him and come on the Whatsapp messenger. However, the husband had registered a case against the accused in Sadar Police Station on April 7, 2014.

Succumbing to the pressure of his threats, the victim became Whatsapp messenger friend with him. He soon started pressuring her for physical relationship and finally demanded money from her. He had allegedly demanded Rs one lakh fifty thousand from her. He again added his usual threat that he will eliminate her husband and the child.

This mental harassment continued till March 15, 2015. He started following her continuously for three days. He then pressured her to come to his house on March 19, 2015. Finally succumbing to his pressure and advances, the model victim went to his house on March 19, 2015. The accused had pre-planned everything and had ensured that his mother and his sister-in-law (wife of his elder brother) are out of the house.

The victim model had reached his house along with her two-and-half year old son. As soon as the victim entered the house, the accused had allegedly snatched the son from her hands and had asked her to disrobe or strip. He had allegedly threatened to drop the small boy from the terrace if she does not disrobe. In spite of repeated requests to let go of her son and herself, when the accused did not bother to her requests and was adamant to establish physical and intimate relationship with her, she acquiesced and disrobed. The accused then raped her. The accused displayed a conniving and criminal bent of mind by filming the entire rape.

The harrowing experience of sleeping with the accused was not over. To add to her agony, the accused then started demanding for physical relationship of and on. This time however, he used another ploy. He now started claiming that he has filmed the entire rape and has made an MMS. He threatened to make the MMS viral on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp etc if she does not sleep with him.

The accused had cleverly used her physically off and on. The last rape was reportedly committed 15 days earlier on March 24, 2015.

This guilt of cheating on her husband was weighing heavily on her mind. Finally since she could not even reveal her harrowing experience to her husband, she attempted suicide on April 1, 2015. She had taken all the tablets present in her house and had consumed it. Before she lost her sense, she touched her husband’s cheeks and said “Sorry”.

It was then that her husband realized something wrong and finally saved his wife. However, when the husband asked her the cause for taking such an extreme step, she said that “the accused Imran Illyas Sheikh had pressured her to sleep with him failing which he had threatened to kill you and the child”. When asked why she did not go to the police, she alleged that the accused had claimed that his father is in the police, his uncle (chacha) is also in the police and with a whole lot of relatives working in various police department, the police are practically in my house, so nobody can do anything against me.

It was then that the husband decided to stand fast with his wife and urged her be strong and file a case against the accused. The husband-wife duo had initially lodged a police complaint in Gittikhadan Police Station. However, since the actual rape occurred in the house of the accused who resides in Godhni area, the case is being registered in Koradi Police Station. The Gittikhadan Police had arrested Imran Sheikh and have handed him over to Koradi Police Station for further investigation.

Sources close to Imran Illyas Sheikh claimed that he has done similarly with two other women. They claim that he uses social media like facebook, whatsapp and other tools to lure women.