Published On : Wed, Apr 8th, 2015

Two more criminals who aided in escape of dreaded criminals from prison apprehended

Five revolvers and 37 rounds (bullets) were seized from them.


Nagpur: While addressing a press conference held in his chamber, Police Commissioner of Nagpur city K K Pathak said that in another significant breakthrough in the jail-break incident which occurred a few days ago two more criminal who had played a crucial role in the escape were arrested during noon hours on April 8, 2015.

With the Police Commissioner and other senior police officials along with the crime branch practically on their toes to garner as much information as possible, yielded its due results. The Crime Branch officials received confidential information that two more criminals who are in possession of illegal arms and weapons identified as

  1. 1.    Sheikh Wajid Sheikh Mohammed alias Raju Badiyara alias Junnaid Abrar aged 30 years and resident of Yasin Plot, Mota Tajbagh,
  2. Chetan alias Avir Sunil Hazare aged 24 years and a resident of Corporation Quarters, Borkar Nagar, 12 Signal.

Immediately on receipt of the information, the crime branch officials made two squads. Both squads arrested both the criminals simultaneously. Both the criminals were brought to the Crime Investigation Department where sustained interrogation was conducted on both of them separately which yielded results.

Both the accused confessed to be in possession of weapons and live rounds. This was followed by both the squads went to their houses and their friends and houses of their acquaintances and on search recovered weapons and live rounds.

The first accused Sheikh Wajid Sheikh Mohammed alias Raju Badiyara alias Junnaid Abrar had hidden weapons in his friend’s house situated in Plot No 376, Street No 17, Ashirwad Nagar. The crime branch personnel recovered four country made pistols, six magazines and 37 live rounds of 7.65mm.

20150408_192513The second accused Chetan alias Avir Sunil Hazare has hidden the weapon in his own home situated in Corporation Quarters, Borkar Nagar, 12 Signal. The second squad after searching his house recovered one country made pistol, one magazine and one live round of 7.65 mm.

Both the accused have several serious criminal cases registered against them in various police stations.

Commissioner of Police K K Pathak claimed that all police officials are busy investigating the case. He expressed hope that soon these criminals will be in police dragnet.

While answering to a question, he said that dreaded criminal Raja Ghouse was also interrogated. However, it is not clear if he was involved in the escape or not. CP K K Pathak claimed that Abrar was with Raja Ghouse and Gupta were together in Lakhni Prison. However, when Raja Ghouse and others managed to escape, he could not escape. Commissioner of Police claimed that the four people arrested so far for aiding and abetting the five criminals in escaping from Central Prison are just foot soldiers.

While answering another question, about the modus operandi of their escape, Commissioner of Police said that the crime branch officials are investigating all the seized mobile phones and their Sim cards. When they shall receive more information, they will connect the dots and can find out the exact route taken by the criminals.

When asked if the City police have any role in ensuring the prevention of any prison break, he claimed that a police squad does patrol the perimeter wall from on the road between 11 pm to 5 am. They do submit a report every morning as to which lights were not lit, where they saw anything etc. While concluding, Commissioner of Police K K Pathak claimed that against what the media reports, there has been a significant reduction in crime.


7 Mobile phones, 4 chargers and 22 grams of Marijuana (Ganja) seized

Probe by high-level police and prison officials is finally yielding results. On quizzing of the other inmates of the barrack Meanwhile on April 8, 2015 on searching the barracks the prison officials have seized 7 Mobile phones, 4 chargers and 22 grams of Marijuana (Ganja).