Published On : Sat, Mar 7th, 2020

I-Clean Nagpur beautifies twin spots on Nari Road

About 60 members from I-Clean Nagpur cleaned and beautified the walls and precincts of Karuna Mahila Vastigruha and Purush Bhikshekari Sweekar Kendra on Nari Road this Sunday morning.

They were joined by the Superintendents, other officials and residents of both these institutes, who constructively participated in the activity.

Situated near Patankar square, this spot saw a continuous stream of curious onlookers, many of whom enthusiastically joined the activity alongwith their children and other family members. They were also seen serving much-needed fresh drinking water and snacks, which was brought from their homes, and also clicking selfies with the volunteers.

The team is also actively supporting the civic administration in implementing the much needed ban on single-use plastics.

This message is being prominently painted on all their spots. Members undertake periodical drives to educate vendors and the common man about this menace, which causes damage to our environment, livestock and human life.

The clean-up drives have not only got support from the general public, but are backed by NMC, which actively participates in these drives and supports the team, by providing necessary equipment and manpower for removal and disposal of the collected garbage.

Age is no barrier for this group. They have volunteers ranging from 10 to 65+ year-olds who contribute in their own ways, towards the cleanliness and beautification of our city.

Members include persons from many vocations, including students, housewives, young children, CA, doctors, lawyers, business persons, IT professionals, retired persons, and others. Anyone with a sincere will to clean and beautify our city, is welcome to join this voluntary organisation.

Earlier spots done by this team include railway stations, bus stops, schools, colleges, old age homes, hospitals, Mokshadham, busy squares, hostels, remand homes, culverts, parking zones, police stations, and other places of public interest.

The I-Clean group specialises in cleaning the area and then painting the walls with cleanliness-related messages and attractive Warli designs, which are native to this region. This is their 197th spot in the region. The group has recently completed five years of their formation.

To fund their activities, each volunteer makes a minimum contribution of ₹50 every month. Some voluntary contributions are also received from citizens at each spot.

It is the group’s vision that every city in India should have an I-Clean team and each citizen should should follow the cleanliness regime.

With I-clean, it is ‘I’ before ‘You’. It is in the name – I should do it rather than asking you to do it.

The group has made an appeal to all the like-minded people of Nagpur to join them in their zest for cleaning and beautifying the city.

They also requested residents to help maintain the cleanliness of the beautified spot by adopting proper methods of garbage disposal as also through continuous vigil.

People of all ages and vocations can voluntarily be a part of these efforts.

You can call Ajinkya on 8421930862 or Jaideep on 7743994550 to be a part of this selfless group that is making efforts to make Nagpur really a clean and smart city.