Published On : Mon, Oct 7th, 2013

Hundreds of TV sets, top boxes damaged as lightning plays havoc in city

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Representational picture

Nagpur News.

More than hundreds of TV sets and set top boxes turned defunct in various areas of Nagpur as the heavy downpour with thunderous spells of lightning on Sunday evening served major shot to these electronic appliances. The TV sets and set top boxes turned dysfunctional as the internal parts were badly damaged by the effects of lightning.

On Monday, most of the Nagpur Today readers shared their experience over telephone as the bolt from the blue brought their TV sets to complete black out, while permanently  damaging their set top boxes.

The deafening thunder with heavy bouts of lightning was evident as most of the households in West Nagpur lost out on their valuable TV sets. Some of the monitors reportedly received shock beyond repairs.

The effect was majorly seen in the households at Pratap Nagar, Tatya Tope Nagar, Atrey Layout, Laxmi Nagar and other areas across the city. Several customers witnessed smoke emanating from TVs and set top boxes whenever the lightning struck.

When Nagpur Today contacted the Cable operators of their respective areas, most of them confirmed that the major breakdown as they have been forced to attend hundreds of complaints from customers either for replacement of set top boxes or angry questions in this regard. One of the cable operators informed, “Dozens of customers have got both TVs and set top boxes damaged due high voltage lightning. We never encountered such massive proportion of complaints, like we did in the span of last 24 hours.”