Published On : Fri, Jun 11th, 2021

HRD Forum conducted a webinar on “How HR can foster Empowerment in Covid19?”

HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organized a webinar on “How HR can foster Empowerment in Covid19?” recently on the zoom platform.

Brenda Mendes, Speaker, Job Search Coach, Author, Certified Trainer and Ex-Hindustan Unilever Ltd, guest speaker, having more than 40 years of professional experience working with the stalwarts of Indian industry and three decades, with FMCG Major, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. This coupled with her passion for training has empowered her to create several training modules including Job Search & Interviewing Skills Workshop, Effective Communication Skills, Confidence Building, Team Working, Work Ethics, Goal Setting etc. She is an avid researcher and aspires to create modules that are best in class, globally.

Brenda Mendes began with a quote from ‘Simon Sinek’ the leadership guru rightly said that leadership is about empowering people to do things which they didn’t think possible. Empowerment is just giving power and responsibility to people to do more, be more and succeed more at the workplace because here we are talking about occupational empowerment. The pandemic has changed the entire ways; we look at work and even at life.

Mendes, elaborated the Role of HR today and said Role of HR has undergone a Pivotal Change, HR has been aligned to Business Strategy, Managers need to embrace the constant R’s – Reinvent, Redesign, Reframe, Reimagine and the way HR handles employee experience will determine Company’s reputation for years.

She stressed, presently the challenges being faced by employees like uncertainty about the future, safety, job security, gaps in skilling and lack of clarity on workplace arrangements post pandemic, etc.

She briefed about how HR can foster Employee Empowerment by adopting the “TEA Formula” of ‘T’-3Ts, ‘E’-5Es, ‘A’-7As. She explained TEA Formula, which means 3-Ts indicate ‘Values’ for Truth, Transparency and Teamwork. She said 5-Es indicates ‘Enabling Attitudes’ i.e. Empathise, Enhance, Enable, Engage and Eagerness to improve physical, mental & workplace wellbeing. 7-As signifies ‘Action Points’ i.e. Upgrading Skills & Capability Development, Career Progression & Recruitment, Drive Culture – One Company One Culture, Involve Employees in Decision Making, Entrust Employees with New Responsibilities, Show Appreciation & Give Individualised Support, Time and Space for Team Bonding.

Perspectives for Entrepreneurs/SMEs, she said during pandemic and crisis situation your action points should be rethink of Strategy/Business Processes/Funding, Upskill and embrace new Digital Tech to be future ready, Expand Business Model to include HR, Internet Presence is Key and Be open to Digital Marketing.

In her concluding remarks, Mendes said the key takeaways for participants should be explored as possibilities, Focus on Choices, not Conditions; Law of Advance Attraction – don’t’ wait till you have to make decisions; embrace new Digital Tech to be Future Ready; Embrace Change and Success and Failure go hand in Hand – Your choice makes the Difference.

The event was supported by Ankur Seeds, Nagpur, is a renowned agri-seeds supplier in the country and partnering with VIA for professional causes.

Earlier, Hemant Lodha, Chairman of VIA HRD Forum welcomed the guest speaker and participants joined the zoom session, in his welcome address said empowerment is only possible, when we can help employee to achieve their goals or target, and help them to achieve their success and the present Covid-19 situation where particularly in the industry, we were not tuned to work from home or work from a distant location. We are not having the right kind of resources and even though employees can perform their duties with the same efficiency and effectiveness, empowered the employees to achieve the target of goal.

Suresh Pandilwar, Co-Chairman of VIA HRD Forum informed about the forthcoming events of the forum and said it was excellent session and thanked for sharing innovative and appropriate examples of various multinational companies. Neelam Bowade, Convener of HRD Forum introduced the speaker and also moderated the Q&A session.

Aditya Saraf, Vice President – VIA, summed up the session and said the entire presentation was very impressive and sharing empowerment mantras in concise and simplistic manner by using the TEA Formula and incorporate these mantra really enhance in our skill set for employees and also formal proposed a formal vote of thanks.

Prominently present were Prof Ashit Sinha, Mentor HRD Forum, Anita Rao, Jt Secretary – VIA, HR professional and many industrialists joined the session.