Published On : Fri, Oct 11th, 2019


Anyone and everyone has heard about the Megamillions lottery regardless of what country they are in. Something that was initiated in the US in 1996 has now become a very famous game around the world including in India. The highest jackpot in history has gone up to Rs. 600 crores which is what justifies the hype around it. If you are just finding about the lottery, you may have several questions in your mind and perhaps the most important question could be “How do I play the Megamillions in the US while being in India?” As genuine as the question is, we are here to provide you with all the answers so that you could be a potential winner of all this unfathomable wealth.


How to buy the tickets in India?

 The internet has brought the world a lot closer in the past few decades. Amongst other things it has enabled you to purchase the MegaMillions ticket upon the click of a button wherever you are in India. You can get one ticket for around Rs. 200 from online operators who deal with lottery game tickets. You shouldn’t worry about the legitimacy of these websites because a lot of them have been dealing with the purchasing of US lottery tickets for years and are thoroughly specialized in the process. However, to make things sure you should always do some research on your part to ensure that the website you are using is safe and secure.


How will I play the game online?

 Once you have signed up with an online provider they will ask you to choose 5 numbers as well as a bonus number for all the tickets you are going to be purchasing. You can decide on these numbers depending on whatever suits you best and if you feel certain numbers have proved to be lucky for you in the past. Luck is perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to these lottery games. If you are overwhelmed about the numbers to choose, you can always go for the Quick Pick option which will choose the numbers for you. Also, keep in mind that the more tickets you buy the better your odds will be which should essentially be your main focus when paying the Mega Millions lottery.


What are the payouts?

While it is almost impossible to get all the 6 numbers right including the Bonus Ball, your goal is to get as many right as possible. Here is a small breakdown of the pay outs:


Matching all 6 numbers Rs. 100 crore
Matching 5 numbers Rs. 6 crore
Matching 4 numbers + bonus ball Rs. 6 lac
Matching 4 numbers Rs. 34 thousand
Matching 3 numbers + bonus ball Rs. 13.8 thousand
Matching 2 + bonus ball/ Matching 3 numbers Rs. 600
Matching 1 + Bonus ball Rs. 304
Matching 0 numbers + bonus ball Rs/ 152

Now that you are aware of the inner workings of the Mega millions lottery and how easy it is to become a contestant, you can think of signing up for it on your own. You could even do it with your family and friends and make a fun activity out of it!