Published On : Tue, Mar 30th, 2021

How to Make Your Mattress Last Longer?



Durability is the first thing we look for in any product. And since we are talking about mattresses, which in itself is a huge investment, why should we not consider durability an essential factor?

A mattress can often last long, even after its warranty, which depends on how you use it.

So basically, to increase the durability of your mattress, the way you care for it as well matters the most.

And this makes us think, what all you can do apart from investing in a long-lasting mattress brand?

So here we are to help you out. Here are the tiny little things you should do that will help you enjoy the comfort of your mattress for a longer duration.


5 Ways to Make Your Mattress last longer

When it comes to a mattress, its longevity and durability are not limited to the brand you invest in, but also to how you use it as well.

So make sure you are aware of the environmental factors and some ways that will keep your mattress clean and increase its longevity.


  1. Get a mattress protector from day one

A good quality mattress protector acts as a shield against all spills and accidents. It keeps your mattress safe from all the dust particles that make it look yellowish over time.

Having a mattress protector since the day will keep your mattress looking as it is for a longer duration.

In addition to that, the body oils, lotions, dandruff on our hair, etc can also stick to the mattress and make your mattress look older and dirty.

A mattress protector will help you protect your mattress the best way you can. They are available in different materials, sizes, and price ranges.

Make sure the mattress protector you are choosing has a snug fit and is leakproof, so you don’t find it uncomfortable sleeping over it.


  1. Mattress Supported Properly

Yes, it is essential to make sure that your mattress is supported accurately.

Inspect your bed frame as well as boxspring frequently, so you can have a mattress in good shape and size for a longer duration.

Saggy and worn-out box springs, weak wood slates, and even a broken frame all together affect the longevity of your mattress, eventually reducing comfort and relaxation over time.

So always once in a while, ensure that your mattress is supported accurately.


  1. Food on Bed: Complete No-No

After a long day at work, your favorite show, a good meal, and your comforting bed sounds like a perfect end of the day. But that is just 100% likely to make your mattress dirtier.

Even the most minor food crumbles can make their way into your sheets and the layers of your mattress.

Liquids spilled over the mattress can get deep inside the layers, attracting germs and cause problems inside the foam.

The mattress’s longevity will eventually decrease, and you will have to get rid of it sooner.

So no matter how good this idea looks, never have your food on your bed.


  1. Rotate your Mattress Frequently

Every human needs a change, and so does your mattress. No matter the material of your mattress or its size, rotating your mattress frequently will increase its durability.

Not rotating your mattress will lead to depression and softening of foam and layers of the mattress.

This will eventually affect the level of comfort you are enjoying for now.

Rotating your mattress every two to three months will just be more than enough. Just make sure you rotate it 180 degrees from your head to foot.

Most manufacturers do not entirely agree with this idea for better longevity, but research has shown increased longevity of the mattress when rotated frequently.


  1. Show some light

Sunlight can sometimes be beneficial for your mattress. No matter how much you hate to have a tan, it’s not the same with your mattress.

Mattresses can actually have a good time in the sun. Moisture accumulation in the mattress can affect its overall softness, and we know you exactly want to avoid it.

So every two months, when it’s a sunny, dry day out, make sure to strip your mattress out of the mattress protector and keep it out in the sun for several hours.

This will keep excess humidity and moisture at bay, eventually increases your mattresses’ longevity.

These are the five ways you can make your mattress last longer so you can enjoy the comfort and enjoy every penny you have spent on it.

Apart from this, cleaning your mattress and its surrounding is as well highly essential. The more cleaner it is, the better will be the comfort that you will enjoy.


In these ways, we are definitely sure your mattress will likely last at least two to three years more than its warranty period.

Care and maintenance always play an essential role, and investing some of your time is just as good as investing a large sum of money into it.

Apart from this, it is also vital to invest in long-lasting mattress brands that manufacture mattresses of the proper size, quality, and durability.

Hope you have a comforting and relaxing year with your favorite mattress ahead.


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