Published On : Tue, Mar 30th, 2021

Do You Need An Air Purifier in Every Room? Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?


With an average US AQI of 141, India now stands at the 3rd position in terms of pollution for the year 2020. The country sees a particulate matter concentration of 2.5, which is about 5-times higher than the exposure recommendation by WHO. With this threat in mind, you would have surely started your hunt for an air purifier.

But, how would you decide whether you need it in every room inside your house or not? Where should you exactly place the purifier to get its maximum benefits?

So, before you search for the best air purifiers in India, read this blog to understand how many you need for your house and where you should place them exactly!

Let us check it out in detail.


Picking the Best Room for Air Purifier

First things first, if you own a mobile variant of air purifier, you are good to go and won’t have to worry about the location of the same due to the portability factor. For example, a portable air purifier can be used in your kitchen while you prepare your meal and then shifted to the dining hall while you enjoy the same.

In case your air purifier is too large and heavy to be moved with ease from one room to another, the ideal option would be to place it in the area exposed to the highest level of pollution. If you happen to live in a comparatively greener environment, your kitchen could be the space with the highest pollution, especially when you have burnt your food by accident.

Alternatively, for problems such as pet dander or dust, the ideal location would be the living room. For ones that need fresh and breathable air when sleeping, the best choice is to fit the air purifier in the bedroom mostly because we spend 8 hours or more in this room.

Things You Must Consider Before Placing Your Air Purifier in a Room

There are several factors that one must consider before placing an air purifier in the room of your choice. A space you feel needs clean air might not actually be polluted as compared to the room beside it. So, let us check out these factors to plan the air purifier placement with proper information!


1-Place it Near the Source of an Odor:

It is advisable you to consider in case you plan to restrict the odor from spreading far within the house. Now, doing this will help contain the odor at its source and hence limit its spread. Air purifiers that come with HEPA filters can eliminate the odor with ease while protecting your health.

2-Consider the Room Size:

When you consider the room size, you might make two broad mistakes in air purifier placement. If you place a powerful purifier in a small room, it would simply burn off your cash for nothing. On the other hand, placing a small purifier in a massive room couldn’t help with proper air purification and thus render the machine worthless.

Always check the efficiency number for the machine to understand which room would be the best fit for it. A couple of inches here and there won’t hurt, but placing it in a room that is double the size of its efficiency factor could be a complete waste of money.


3-Avoid Corners and Tight Spaces:

Most of the air purifiers function at their optimum efficiency when kept in an area with proper airflow from different sides. When placed so, air purifiers can easily pull in the air from different directions & render their best performance for the users.

However, placing them in tight spots or corners can make them way too weak, and the air would stay as polluted as it was before you brought in the machine. In case you don’t want to decide between any spaces on the ground, the key is to mount the same on a wall to provide it unaltered airflow for proper filtration.


4-Avoid Spots Below or Behind the Furniture:

As stated above, air purifiers need good airflow to function at their optimum. Keeping this in mind, you must avoid placing it in spaces below or behind the furniture as it limits the airflow. You might also be tempted to place the air purifier within the closet or shelf. This particular positioning might seem attractive and well-to-do. However, it would lead to a heavy performance drop for the purifier.


5-Place it by the Doorway:

In case your doorway is big enough to allow an air purifier to be kept by it, this would be an ideal spot for the same. Your purifier will serve as the security in charge of the room and will keep the airborne particles away from the premise. Simply put, it won’t allow the pollutants to enter the house.

6-Keep it Away from the Electronics:

Several low-cost purifiers tend to be sensitive to electronic devices and might not function correctly at all. It could also happen that the purifier might send electrical interference to devices placed close to it.

The key is to move either of them to another section of the room to ensure that each works at its best efficiency. However, if you plan to invest in a high-grade air purifier, you might not have to worry about these interferences. Even with those extra bucks that you might have to pay, the features are surely worth it.



The location of the purifier surely plays a strategic role in air cleaning efficiency. Now that you know what goes where and the factors that you must consider, we hope that you will surely make a wise decision for better health. And, in case you are wrong, you always have the choice to place it in a room that needs it more than the other. Ultimately, the key is to ensure that minimal pollutants enter your body or cause any major health issues!