Published On : Tue, Mar 30th, 2021

Do chefs prefer gas or induction?






Food is an art of living, and chefs are the artist. I feel it would still be an underrated statement for all the delicacies chefs have been serving us.

We are not artists, and that makes us hire a professional frequently. If you too are planning to appoint a cook or at least upgrade our kitchen to a professional one, knowing what they prefer can be of really good help.

Also, if you are just planning to start your culinary career, walking in the footsteps of professionals could be of great help.

Since everything else is secondary, the primary need is to know where they cook. If gas is a choice, or are chefs too moving towards inductions?

The simple answer is Induction. This is for the fantastic benefits chefs can enjoy while cooking.

Want to know how? Here are the few reasons why chefs prefer an induction cooktop and not gas in their kitchen.


Why chefs prefer induction cooktop over gas?

We interviewed few chefs just to realize how valuable induction cooktops are for them. Although gas has long ruled the entire culinary industry, every chef now agrees that they need to have a trustworthy induction cooktop in their kitchen.

These are the few reasons why they prefer induction cooktop over gas:


1.   Immediate Cooking

Hotel kitchens are in no way similar to our home kitchens. The rush of food cooking here and there can often get messy, but inductions keep up with the pace.

While cooking on an induction cooktop, heat is directly transferred to cookware. This is not the same with gas.

The heat is evenly distributed without needing to adjust the cookware frequently.

This leads to faster cooking and water boiling compared to cooking on gas. Restaurant service eventually improves when food is delivered on time.


2.   Safety

Hassle is the most common mood inside any restaurants’ kitchen, especially during peak hours.

You can nowhere afford to get burned while cooking, and the safest choice is inductions for that.

You don’t need to worry about flames while making stocks or sauces that need to be cooked overnight. It is safe no matter how many people run around the induction.

The induction’s surface does not get hot until the appropriate cookware is placed in the cooking zone.

It even cools down quickly, so safety precautions are much easily met.


3.   Flexible working experience

No matter how spacious the kitchen you cook in, it is always the other way around for chefs. This is because of the need to have various utensils and ingredients around while cooking.

Gas occupied comparatively larger space while inductions are much thinner and smaller. They fit in anywhere with ease, and cooking can be done even in the smallest corner.

You can also easily adjust the cookware’s size, and no spare time or energy is consumed during the process.

This provides needed flexibility while cooking on induction as compared to a gas stove.


4.   Cooking delicacies is easier.

Controlling the temperature while cooking on induction is way more manageable than it was on a gas stove.

This makes cooking various dishes much fun. You just need to be aware of the right temperature you will need to cook things appropriately.

All the chefs agree to the fact that induction cooking has led to lesser undercooked or overcooked dishes.

Consistent heat, irrespective of whether or room temperature, helps cook tasty dishes with ease.

5.   Easy Maintenance

The best part about cooking on induction than gas, according to chefs, is the ease of cleaning them by the end of the day.

Cleaning a gas stove requires way more energy and time, which is not the same with inductions.

You don’t need to wait till the cooktop gets cold or any harder stains to rub. Simply take a wet cloth, and you are good to go.

There are no occasional boilovers which mean no mess that can leave stains behind. It is easy to maintain with just the need to switch on and off the switch.

These reasons make induction cooking, chef’s most preferred choice. However, they also gave us some tips that can make cooking on induction fun and easy.

Tips while cooking on Induction

  • Get all ingredients before you start.

Having all the ingredients by your side will make cooking on induction easy.

Since induction heats the cookware faster, there is no downtime you can collect ingredients from here and there. You may end up burning the ingredients.

Hence, it is mandatory to get all the ingredients right by your side to quickly and appropriately cook your meals.

  • Know your Induction

Cooking on induction till you get a brief idea about its heat range and temperature can seem daunting. Give yourself some time to understand it all.

Also, it would help if you had an induction cooktop to cook all the meals appropriately. This is because most of the sauces and dishes require consistent simmering and essential heat changes.

Knowing about your induction will eventually make cooking faster and more fun.



Why wouldn’t chefs prefer induction over gas when you get such a vast space of freedom while cooking? Well, it obviously can make things a big tough but only till you get your hands on them.

With cleaning ease and faster cooking, restaurant kitchens seem to love inductions. So can you if you are planning to upgrade your kitchen to a professional one.

But make sure while cooking you have all the ingredients ready and give yourself some time trying to understand the heating time and temperature.

Hope got your answer!!!