Published On : Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Hot pursuit of evils haunting people marks Kali, Pili Marbats, Badgyas in Nagpur

Nagpur: The hot pursuit of various evils haunting the society continued this year as well in the form of the traditional and feverish event — procession of Kali, Pili Marbats and Badgyas – in the Second Capital City of Nagpur on Saturday, the second day of Pola festival. The unique event has become an identity of Vidarbha, especially Nagpur city, as a rich tradition keeps adding to its uniqueness.

The highlight of the crowded procession was Milan (meeting) of Kali and Pili Marbats at a designated spot. Thousands and thousands of people thronged the procession route with posse of media persons covering the event.

The high pitched chants of “Eeda, peeda gheun jaa ge Marbat” (Take away all social evils and human miseries) marked the Kali, Pili Marbats as well as the famous Badgyas on the streets in East Nagpur. The two effigies of ‘Kali’ (black) and ‘Pili’ (yellow) Marbats are eloquently used as symbols to express pent-up fury by common people against evils haunting them. It may be rising prices, unpopular government decisions, other current topics etc that are tormenting the common people.

This year’s messages of Kali, Pili Marbats and Badgya were on various topics. Badgyas depicted the evil of terrorism being inflicted by Pakistan.

Kali Marbat was taken out by Shri Devasthan Panch Committee, Itwari Bardana Market, Nehru Putala from its premises. The procession passed through the designated routes and ended at the premises opposite Ramkrishna Flour Mills, Bagadganj.

Nagoba Devasthan, Tarhane Teli Samaj organised the procession of Pili Marbat. The procession passed through Panchpaoleshwar Shankar Mandir, Golibar Square, Bharat Mata Square, Maskasaath, Nehru Putala where Pili Marbat met with Kali Marbat. The joint procession of Kali and Pili Marbats started from Nehru Putala and passed through Marwadi Square, Mirchi Bazar, Amardeep Cinema, Shahid Chowk, Gandhi Putala, Badkas Chowk, Mahal, Kotwali, Gandhi Gate, Agresar Chowk, Ganjakhet Square, Golibar Square, Bharat Mata Square, Pili Marbat chowk and the effigies were immersed at Tandapeth Naik Talao.