Published On : Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Honest Uber cab driver returns woman’s purse promptly

Nagpur: Honesty is still alive and kicking. An Uber cab driver, displaying honesty, promptly returned purse of a woman who had forgotten it in the taxi on Tuesday morning. The purse contained gold ornaments worth Rs 1.50 lakh and cash Rs 20,000.

A resident of Old Managlwari, Lakadganj, Mamata Kundan Dhok (42), on Wednesday approached Pachpaoli police and informed them that she had hired an Uber cab around 7.30 am on Tuesday for going to Vaishali Nagar. However, while disembarking from the taxi, she forgot her purse containing gold ornaments worth Rs 1.50 lakh and cash Rs 20,000 in the cab.

Subsequently, in a delayed complaint, Mamata informed Pachpaoli police about the incident on Wednesday. Acting swiftly, cops procured the phone number of the Uber cab driver and with the help of technology, contacted the taxi driver named Harpalsingh Kashmirsingh Randhava (52), resident of Waddhamna, near Hanuman Temple, and informed about the purse.

Cops also called Randhava to police station along with the purse. Randhava immediately went to the police station and handed over the purse to Mamata in the presence of cops. He told police that he himself was not aware of the purse forgotten in his cab.

Appreciating the honesty of Randhava, Pachpaoli Senior PI Ashok Meshram felicitated him by offering bouquet. Mamata also thanked Randhava for returning her purse.