Published On : Sat, May 4th, 2013

Home Remedies To Cure Summer Rashes

If you are looking for ways to cure summer rashes then you will be relieved to know that there are not one but plenty ways to do so. Summer rashes are very common in areas where the temperatures soar high during the summer. If your skin itches then you may be suffering from rashes. They appear more on the areas where exposure to air is not possible. Though they can be caused by other reasons too, summer rashes generally appear because of excessive heat. There are different ways to prevent and cure these rashes.

Understanding the Cause of Summer Rashes

Before you know how to cure summer rashes, you have to know what caused them. Several reasons exist, and sweating is the commonest one. During summers you tend to sweat more, as sweating is a way of cooling down your body. However, we tend to sweat more in areas that are covered. Thus, the sweat remains hidden in body parts which are always covered by clothes. And this causes the summer rashes to appear and the itching. Heat allergies are also a common reason behind the rashes.

Cure Summer Rashes: 

Bath Water 
Among the ways to cure summer rashes, one of the most effective cure is the use of specially prepared bath water. All you need to do is to mix one cup oatmeal powder with a half cup of baking powder in the bath water. You then need to get into the water for about fifteen minutes.
Aloe Vera 
Aloe vera cream or gel is very effective to cure summer rashes even when they are rough. This plant’s sap has been used for curing rashes for centuries. The cream softens your skin, while simultaneously healing the rashes, effectively. The cream must be applied on the affected areas at least twice daily.
Ice Cubes 
Ice is yet another effective way to cure summer rashes. Wondering how ice can help? Ice instantly cools down the body temperature, and dries out the summer rashes. All you need is to apply ice cubes on the rashes five to six times a day. Your rashes will vanish in a couple of days. Being easily available it is the most convenient remedy for treating rashes.
If the summer rashes persist despite these treatments, you must seek the help of a doctor. A medical practitioner will get to the root of the problem and prescribe ointments or drugs that will eradicate your problem. After all prevention is better than cure. Nonetheless, you must ensure the perspiration does not remain on your skin for long. Keep your skin clean, and if possible, bathe for more than once a day. Doing so, you don’t even need to cure summer rashes, as you won’t have any.