Published On : Wed, May 6th, 2015

Hit-and-Run: Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in jail

Salman Khan has been sentenced to jail for five years under section 304 Part II of the IPC. If it had been under 3 years, he could have got bail immediately. But now his lawyers will have to approach the High Court for relief as and when they file an appeal.

There is speculation that he will be sent to Arthur road jail.

There have been mixed reactions to the verdict that finally came in the Saalman Khan case today.

Priya Datt, sister of Sanjay Datt and former M.P. from Bandra Mumbai, has expressed ‘sympathy’ with Salman’s family.

“My heart goes out to his family. It is a difficult time for them…they need all the support they can” she said.

When asked if she did not sympathize with the family of man who was killed and those who were injured, she replied that she , at the moment, was empathizing more with Salman Khan’s family and she was reacting emotionally, as someone who has been in the same position.

Hema Malini has said that it is a very sad day for the film industry. She also expressed sympathy for Salman’s family.

Majid Khan, Music Director and singer, who is close to Salman has gone further and insisted that “if Salman bhai says he was not driving, he could not be driving. He is a very truthful person”.

While putting forth their respective arguements, the prosecutor has asked for maximum punishment so an example would be set for others. The maximum punishment could be ten years in jail.

The Defense lawyer on the other hand, is citing mitigating circumstances like only one person was killed in this ‘accident’ while is Pareira’s case it was seven.

He is also claiming that lot of compensation has been paid by Salman to people who were injured and family of man who died.

But one of the persons injured in this incident, has claimed that he has received no compensation, no help and no one from the star’s family has contacted him for 13 years.

Arvind Inamdar, ex DIG of police, Maharashtra, has welcomed the verdict and praised the hard work put in by the Mumbai police in sticking to their case for so many years, despite obvious pressure from Salman’s camp, some witnesses turning hostile and the key witness, Salman Khan’s police body guard, dying subsequently of TB.

Majid Memon, M.P. of NCP has also welcomed the verdict while speculating on the terms of the sentencing and hoping that a very stern line would not be taken.

Columnist and ex Editor of Stardust, Shobha De has tweeted that at last ‘Salman should show what Being Human is all about.’

Salman’s family, meanwhile has produced a medical certificate to the court showing he has a neurological medical condition and needs medical attention.