Published On : Wed, May 6th, 2015

The R&D team of 25 professionals work towards our success says Abhishek Bansal, Centre Head of Resonance


Abhishek Bansal, Centre Head, Resonance

Abhishek Bansal, Centre Head, Resonance


Resonance Coaching Classes which was established in 2008 has in the past eight years has gained a reputation in the challenging field of IIT-JEE coaching. The institute has established itself as the top brand in IIT-JEE field within a short period of only eight years. The astounding and steady growth in terms of success and the results of the students is self explanatory. Resonance has since expanded to newer horizons by opening a residential programme in Butibori area after establishing its reputation in Nagpur.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Centre Head of Resonance Nagpur Abhishek Bansal said that Resonance was founded on April 11, 2001 at Kota (Rajasthan) and has come to be recognized as a culture which signifies Intensity, Integrity and Tenacity (abbreviated as IIT). In order to share this very culture with the biggest intellectual capital of the Resonance branched out to Nagpur on March 14, 2008. With the experience and expertise at Kota, the authorities aimed to see that the talent of Nagpur which remains mostly hidden and shy comes to the fore front with blazing success in IIT-JEE and other challenging examinations.

Nagpur Today: What is special and different in Resonance compared with other coaching classes?
Bansal: The basic and only difference which has brought reputation to Resonance is that we provide in-depth study material. These study material is researched and developed by their in-house R&D team of 25 professionals who are former IITians and NITians. Some of them are professors who are solely dedicated to make study materials and newer question papers with new questions for test papers. Bansal added that the teaching methodology is the same as that in Resonance Kota.

Bansal added that our R&D team thinks, eats, sleeps and their life revolves around newer in-depth study material and newer questions. He opined that those who are framing or making the question papers will have some limits. Almost all the permutations and combinations are thought off by the team.

Nagpur Today: Apart from the study material, what is different from other coaching classes?
Bansal: We have a schedule which has Regular Classes, Doubt Classes, Fundamental Classes and One-to-one Teaching Sessions with the Lecturers. Apart from this we have Board Classes and Revision Classes too. In all we keep the students engaged in learning process for a period of 5 hours. In the residential programme that we run in Butibori, we have facilities for students to be coached, dinning, school and all other coaching classes in one place.

Nagpur Today: What is the ideal time for a student to enroll for a sure shot success in IIT-JEE?
Bansal: I personally feel that as early as possible. VIIth standard would be ideal. This is our Mantra. The earlier a student gets enrolled, the earlier he gets the hang of the strenuous hard-work that goes towards succeeding in IIT-JEE. In the beginning, they are taught their own subjects and a little about IIT-JEE subjects. This goes on intensifying and after finishing their XIIth Standard.

Nagpur Today: What is the growth of Resonance in terms of number of students?
Bansal: When Resonance Nagpur started, we had only about 125 students. This has grown to 700 students as of date. Of the 700 who appeared in the IIT-JEE (Mains) 345 students have qualified for IIT-JEE (Advanced).

Nagpur Today: Tell us something about yourself and what drew you to this field of education.Bansal: My full name is Abhishek Bansal: I am 35 years of age and 10 years of experience in teaching field. I am really passionate about teaching students. Bansal claimed that if the education system improves and the government seriously considers its responsibility to improve the education policy and the system, it would not be long when many other nations would approach us for our technical expertise. We will soon have a scientists and engineering hub in India and we would be fulfilling the job thirst of other foreign countries.

Nagpur Today: Why is there a brain drain from our country?
Bansal: Our country has always been poor. Our citizens have always aspired to enjoy the pleasures and riches that are enjoyed by westerners. What we need to do is to enhance our employment opportunities by employing the right person for the right job, without any preferences or reservations to contacts.

Nagpur Today: What changes should be incorporated in our present education system to make it effective?
Bansal: Till our board examinations (SSC), almost all the students are passed immaterial of whether they are worth passing or not. However, when they come and appear in the board examinations, they fair very poorly. Here too, in the SSC examinations, almost everybody is passed to ensure no one fails. This is because the Board exams are designed to pass everybody. The Competitive exams are designed to fail everyone. Those who pass in the exams that is designed to fail everybody is worth appreciating.


As told to Samuel Gunasekharan