Published On : Mon, Jun 7th, 2021

History of Counter Strike – Everything You Should Know

Most of the systems and dynamics we see today in modern shooters were first implemented in the famous 90s game “Counter-Strike”. The system where you will buy guns using in-game currency and the payment will increase as you get more kills in each match. Winning more rounds and creating a balance between your purchases and available payment is the key to success in Counter-Strike.

The recoil of each gun was different and players practiced on walls to get familiar with the recoil of each gun in the game so they hit the enemy right where they want to. Counter-Strike was first introduced as a mod for the Famous Half-Life 1 game but the developers later started working on it as a separate game.

There are more than 25 official maps in the Counter-Strike game to this day and a lot of other mod maps created by players and fans of the game. Some maps were later removed and were only available in the post-beta version of the game. You can fight with enemies using weapons of all categories such as pistols, shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and snipers, etc.

Counter-Strike Updates

After Valve acquired the Counter-Strike, there were some major updates to the game from time to time and each update featured new weapons for more fun. The 2003 update introduced crosshairs for sniper rifles and a sparking tactical shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

In 2004, the game was getting small updates but players started complaining that the game is outdated and developers need to add something more interesting or they will stop playing it. Valve completely overhauled the game and source engine in the 2004 update of Counter-Strike. Besides, nowadays you can buy CS: GO account from game marketplaces like to experience professional gameplay.

The era of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve creates the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012 which was a great success all thanks to its brand new source engine and complete recreation of the game itself. Due to some international CSGO tournaments, the game got acclamation of players from all around the globe. The popularity of the newly released game kept increasing and most players switched to CSGO from Counter-Strike 1.6.

Since the release of CSGO in 2012, there are some small updates but there is no major update to the game and there is no upcoming counter strike game shortly. Now, there are seven factions in the game and they are divided into terrorist and counter-terrorist sides.

Future of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike got fame and fan base for the last 20 years that no other game can even imagine and it is still one of the most popular games of today. Developers try to add new content to the game with every update to increase the interest of players. We can only hope that the game will continue to see the same fame for many upcoming years and its fan base will increase day by day.