Published On : Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

Hindi Fortnight opens at AG office

hindi Fortnight at AG Office
Nagpur: Hindi Pakhwada (Fortnight) was inaugurated on the occasion of Hindi Diwas in the Office of the Accountant General (A&E)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur. Rajdeep Singh, Accountant General (Audit)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony held under the chairmanship of Dinesh Patil, Accountant General (A&E)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur. S.S. Kalpande, Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Admn) & Rajbhasha Adhikari welcomed the guest and chairman by presenting bouquet.
Rajdeep Singh, Accountant General (Audit) in his speech congratulated the office for achieving more than the prescribed target in performance of official work in Hindi. Further, he said, “states in our country were created on linguistic basis, as a result of which many of our basic problems got linked with language. It is a harsh reality that States of our country are still fighting on a linguistic basis.”

Dinesh Patil, Accountant General (A&E), in his presidential address said that people are afraid of being laughed at them, if they speak in a language at which they are not good. This is the main hurdle in the use and progress of any language. A person who is not good enough in English fear to talk in English and one who is not good at Hindi fear to talk in Hindi. On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, he advised all to throw away the fear and to use and promote Hindi in official work. Even though regional languages are used at the State level, Hindi is being taught up to matriculation level. So everybody should feel free to use Hindi. With the extensive use of Hindi, our country would have made much progress.”

G.K. Pardikar and Aastha Luthra, Sr. Dy. Accountants General from Audit office, S.G. Singewar, Welfare Officer besides Officers and staff in large number attended the function. Ashok Chanore, Sr. Accounts Officer of Rajbhasha Section presented the report for the year 2015-16 on the achievements made in the use of Hindi in official work and proposed vote of thanks. Nilam Saroha conducted the proceedings of the programme.