Published On : Sat, Jun 28th, 2014

High-level probe may solve mystery shrouding recovery of skeleton, nail Sonegaon cops, too

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A skeleton is likely to tell his tale of woes and nail the police too for the bungle in probe. The recovery of skeletal remains in Manish Nagar area of Nagpur and subsequent inept handling of the sensitive matter by Sonegaon cops has drawn the attention of higher police officials. The Additional Commissioner of Police Sanjay Saxena has reportedly ordered a thorough investigation into the matter and it will be done by DCP Zone-1 Abhinash Kumar. The probe is likely to solve the mystery shrouding the recovery of the skeletal remains and also put Sonegaon police in a fix.

It may be recalled, Nagpur Today had run the report titled “Recovery of skeleton, bungling probe expose Sonegaon cops, ‘operation’ raises eyebrows” wherein it was stated: A skeleton has exposed more skeletons in police cupboard. A skeleton has exposed undutiful and irresponsible attitude of a Police Inspector in handling a sensitive matter. Nagpur city was abuzz when the skeletal remains were recovered from a gutter in the premises of an apartment in Manish Nagar some days ago. But the handling of the situation by police has raised more questions than the answers. An unidentified caller had informed the Police Control Room about 20-25 days ago that skeletal remains were noticed at the gutter in Manish Nagar. The Control Room in return relayed the information to Sonegaon Police Station. Subsequently, Police Inspector R P Shah and his team reached the spot to investigate the matter. The police retrieved the skeletal remains but shockingly buried the skeleton nearby railway track without informing the higher authorities, specifically the forensic experts. The police even did not send the skeletal remains to the Forensic Lab for further investigation. Had the PI Shah carried out a detailed and scientific probe into the recovery of the skeletal remains the mystery shrouding the finding could have been solved and truth dug out. But the undutiful attitude of Police Inspector Shah has thrown the probe into the gutter itself, sources in police said.

At the time of retrieval and burial of skeletal remains, 5-6 policemen including a woman police constable, two builder brothers, a plumber and some families residing in the apartment were present. The skeletal remains were buried near the railway track one kilometer away from the spot. According sources, a bunch of labourers from a nearby area was summoned for burial of the skeletal remains. The sacks in which the remains were taken to the burial spot were thrown nearby carelessly and were later taken away by rag pickers. However, before burial of the skeletal remains, Police Inspector R P Shah did not make efforts to inform higher-ups nor forensic experts for DNA mapping. He should have at least preserved bone marrow and other vital parts that could have revealed whether the skeletal remains were of male or female. This botched operation on the part of Sonegaon police has put them under suspicion and in the book of top police officials.

However, a thorough investigation by the high-profile DCP Abhinash Kumar is likely to blow the cover wrapping the entire episode.