Published On : Tue, Sep 15th, 2020

High Court has released Murder Accused On Bail

– Justice Rohit Deo has been pleased to release Mohd Sajid @Hela Mohd Wahid R/o Paratwada on bail. He was accused of committing murder of one Shyam Kholapure @ Gama Pahelwan along with 8 other accused persons.

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Nagpur – The prosecution case in brief was that, complainant Shubham Nandlal Nandwanshi R/o Paratwada had stated that deceased Shyam Kholapure was his cousin brother. They reside adjacent to each other. Deceased was addicted to gambling. On 30.09.2019 at about 11.00 to 11.15 am deceased went to Gurunanak Nagar for gambling. According to the complainant, at that time Sajid Hela, Javed Wahid, Shahrukh, Parvez @ Parro Jagan Transport Wala, Anna, Harshid Khan Rahemat Khan also came there for gambling. Complainant went to meet his friend Vishal towards Ganesh Nagar.

When he returned from Ganesh Nagar at about 12’o clock he noticed that Shahrukh was having knife, Sajid was having sickle and Javed was also having sickle and all of them were beating the deceased with the weapons in their hands. Complainant was frightened and he ran away from the spot. He informed his friend Rahul to go there. Rahul went there and informed him on telephone that accused kill his brother. Thereafter, he reached the spot along with his friends. He noticed that deceased was lying on the floor. There were injury on his chest, neck, and back side. Police took the deceased to the hospital where he declared dead.

During investigation, investigating agency has recorded statement of eye witnesses.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali apprearing for the accused pointed out to the court that, though complainant has named Sajid as assailant but other 4 eyewitnesses have not attributed assault to Sajid, In Fact they have attributed that, Sajid has instigated Shahrukh and Sohail to commit murder of deceased.

There are material contradiction in the statements of eyewitnesses and complainant. It is doubtful whether Sajid had really partiipated in the assault.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appreared for Sajid.