Published On : Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

HC Releases murder accused Rajesh Bhongle on bail

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Nagpur – Justice PV Ganediwala has released accused Rajesh Ramkrushna Bhongle on regular bail. He was arrested for the alleged offence punishable U/s 302, 201, 34 of IPC Vide crime no. 285/2019 registered by the Maregaon Police Station, Yavatmal.

The case of prosecution was that, complainant namely Rambhau Gahukar, has lodged a report with Maregaon P.S. alleging that on 1-11-19 his son Yogesh Gahukar went to Wani for procuring the licence for 4 wheeler vehicle. At about, 5.30 pm, complainant made a phone call to Yogesh but he did not receive the call. At about 6.30 pm, complainant again made a phone call to Yogesh, the phone was received by some unknown person but he did not speak.

As his son did not return home and therefore, his father had lodged a missing report with respondent. On 2-11-2019, itself, complainant went to Wani for searching his son and he came across dead body of his son and therefore on 2-11-19, complainant again lodged a report with Respondent. That report of father of deceased was treated as Marg and investigation was done and on receipt of PM report, cause of death of strangulation and therefore Maya Chatse lodged a report dated 3-11-2019 which was treated as FIR leading to registration of offence u/s 302, 201, 34 of IPC.

During investigation it came to fore that, Rajesh Ramkrushna Bhongle has taken money from Yogesh Gahukar and he was not returning money and therefore Rajesh Ramkrushna Bhongle and Sushant Punwatkar committed murder of Yogesh by strangulating him with scarf.

Adv Mir Nagman ali appearing for Rajesh poinnted out to the court that, case is resting on circumstancial evidence. Circumstances relied on by the prosecution are not of such a nature to point out only towards the guilt of accused.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appeared for Rajesh Bhongle..