Published On : Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

HC no to squash FIR: No relief to offender


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Nagpur News.

The Justice Bhushan Gawai of the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court while denying the petition to squash the FIR filed against Nitin Agrawal in Ambazhari Police Station, in a case of alleged raped of women for prolonged period, directed the Ambazhari Police Station to start investigation and file a charge sheet against the accused.

The accused is identified as Nitin Agrawal and a resident of Ravinagar. The accused had taken the anticipatory bail under the criminal procedure code 482.

The victim Sheela* (*name changed to protect the identity) alleged that Amabazhari Police is shielding the accused. The Ambazhari police had initially registered a case under section 376, 417 of IPC. The victim alleged that the police did not arrest him in-spite of knowing his location.
According to the victim, the police were hand in gloves with the accused and so were shielding him. She also alleged that Agrawal had liberally stuffed the cop’s pocket with money to save his own neck.

Sources say that the accused Nitin Agrawal has a Bichayat Kendra named Sewa Kunj Bichayat Kendra in Dharampeth Area. The victim Sheela aged 34 years who was working in a school was near the business premises of the accused. They somehow fell in love and since Nitin Agrawal who was aged 36 years was not married promised to marry her knowing fully well that Sheela is a divorcee and a mother of two small children. He even promised to adopt both the kids of Sheela and raise them as his own. Fully convinced by his glib talk, the victim Sheela lived with the accused in a live-in-relationship for a period of 6 months. He had filled the vermillion and he put the sacred symbol of marriage (Mangalsutra) on her neck in his own house before the deity’s idol. He had even met the parents of the victim and even promised them that he will certainly marry Sheela. However, he pleaded to them and asked for a period of 6 months to finalize the marriage. The reason that he gave the parents of the victim was that his father had already suffered three strokes and was completely paralyzed. Marrying a divorcee will be a big shock and he may die. Claiming this reason, he continued to live with her in his flat. The accused had two flats, one in the first floor and the other on the top floor. His family which included his parents and his sister used to live in the first floor. He used to live secretly with the victim on the top floor without the knowledge of the parents. Sheela also alleged that if by accident they did come to meet him there, he used to hide her in the cupboard. During this period he had established physical relationship with her.

However, what turned the relation to sour was when the victim Sheela came to know that he had told her a lie that he was going to Yavatmal to attend a family function, while in reality he had gone to Raipur to get engaged to some other girl chosen by his parents. When the victim confronted the accused with this fact, he showed his real face and told her that she can do whatever she wants but he is not going to marry her. When he did not relent, the victim went to Ambazhari Police Station to complain. She alleged that the police had chased her out the first time she had gone to register a case against the accused. But when she went with some of her friends and family members, the police registered her case.

Representational News

Representational News

The victim alleged that the entire family of Nitin Agrawal had defamed her in the entire area. The victim has also filed a case in the family court asking for monthly maintenance. The victim however said that she has full faith in the Indian justice system and believe that she will get justice.

Victim has put false complaint
When Nagpur Today spoke to the accused Nitin Agrawal to clarify his stand, he claimed that whatever, he had alleged in his police complaint is the truth and he claimed innocence in this entire episode. According to Nitin Agrawal, a few days before this entire problem started, the victim Sheela had asked Nitin Agrawal a sum of Rs 10 lakhs. When he refused to pay her, she had threatened to file a case of rape against him, when he did not relent and give her the amount she went and filed a false case of rape against me.