Published On : Wed, Jun 5th, 2013
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Have girls, by topping every exam, slapped the Evil forces who had and are still creating hundreds of Daminis, Gudiyas

The fact could be imaginary or hypothetical. But there is nothing wrong if an inference is drawn from the very very true fact the girls have achieved excellence in almost all examinations across the nation.

Nagpur News: The front pages and inside pages, too, of all the newspapers in the Orange City were abuzz with reports and hundreds of photos in regard to various important exam results like CBSE X, XII, and HSSC.

The main headlines: “Girls outshine boys CBSE X result.”

 “Girls outsmart boys in CBSE XII result.”

“Girls outclass boys in HSSC result.”

S Vidya, Nandita emerge joint toppers in Science Stream.”

“N Nivitha tops in Commerce Stream of CBSE XII exams.”

“Anum Khan tops Science Stream of HSSC.”

“Brainy Science Stream topper Anum Khan dreams of becoming neurology surgeon.”

“And then some meritorious students want to become doctor, engineer, and so on and so forth.”

The purpose is not to repeat the headlines for repeat’s sake!! Could you guess which important aspect is hidden in all the headlines? Of course, it is hypothetical and imaginary question. And so is the hypothetical and imaginary answer. The Nagpur citizens must have figured out the most important fact that all the headlines focused on achievements by girls only!! This is true and not hypothetical.

Could you dig out the hidden agenda of girls? Yes. You are right. The hidden agenda is revenge, revenge, and revenge. If one scans the newspapers or watches news channels on TV, specifically from December 16, 2012 the day a medical student was gang-raped by Satans in a running bus in Delhi, WHO LOST THE BATTLE WITH LIFE BUT WON THE WAR.

The Damini, the nation’s citizens and every media called her adoringly, did not die. Daminis never die. In fact, she herself woke up the entire nation by her own hands. And, nation, too, woke up to see the horrible situation prevailing in the country wherein no girl was safe if the barbaric minds of people wish to unleash the diabolic acts without fear. The woken up nation with eyes wide open then unleashed angriest protests never witnessed in the history of the nations over a single but significant cause. The entire nation hit the streets with killing anguish, vociferously demanded death for rapists not only in Delhi gang-rape but in every rape case. The protesters including kids, girls of all ages, men, women, young as well as aged, even became victims of police lathicharge, tear gas shells, water cannons, bullet injuries in Delhi and across the nation. There were candle marches from school student-level to college girls and boys to housewives to pensioners, and more and more agitated personalities. The top guns from various domains participated in the protests that continued for days together.

However, the most dreadful and disturbing fact is that leave alone decrease in rape cases, the incidents mounted on a great proportions. The evil-minded freaks did not spare even the girls of 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, and so on and so forth. A 5-year old girl was raped brutally, but, fortunately she survived the devilish act, and is alive. However, a 4-year old Gudiya, was not so lucky. She was raped in such a horrible manner in an Madhya Pradesh village, she was brought to Nagpur for best treatment. But destiny had its own course. The small and fragile body of Gudiya could not fight the brutal odds and left this world leaving a trail of anger, frustration, depression, and deep sadness behind. “Good die young.” But it is beyond rationale the way Gudiya died. Is this the definition of “Good die young.”

The examples of Damini and Gudiya are not isolated or aberrations. There are hundreds and hundreds Daminis, Gudiyas who are falling prey to poisonous minds of people. The fact is totally not hypothetical or imaginary. Unfortunately, it is very much true howsoever the bitter it may be!!!  And there is no a ray of hope the rape incidents, don’t expect decline, on the contrary, if the current trend continues, then the cases would touch Mount Everest if one were to prepare a list of rape reports and measure it with the height of the mountain.

However, the real purpose of this report is not the RAPE issue. The girls have shown their magnificent talents, skills, and, even the weapons, which are full of inks. The girls used the ink weapons studiously to the hilt thus leaving behind the boys in most of the examinations!!! “Was a tiniest part of brains of the girls pricking them on the present awful situations wherein their counterparts, not in any examinations, were subjected to heinous  crime by Satanic minds? If the aspect is true, even if hypothetically, then the girls have avenged their exploitation (Not by the boy students) in a very unique way. In this way, the girls have slapped the faces of Satans in a different manner. The girls bagged the honours the evil forces deprived hundreds and hundreds of girls in the country by making them the victims of their devilish designs.

One may say these aspects are imaginary or hypothetical. But what is wrong if a brief is assumed as true. Nothing, absolutely nothing wrong in it!!!

Keep it up girls!!! Mother India is very very proud over the achievements and acclaims you received.


…  Anil Rotkare