Published On : Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

Have a Green Diwali, have a Happy Diwali! NGO Green Vigil conducts anti-cracker campaign

Nagpur: Diwali is a festival of lights not smoke. Supporting the same, Nagpur’s Green Vigil has started a campaign appealing the citizens to say no to crackers and celebrate a Green Diwali, in a bid to raise awareness against mounting of pollution level during the festival.

Under the campaign, team members appealed people not to burst a large number of crackers holding posters and placards at the Variety square and Shankar Nagar. The members also tried to spread awareness against the noise and air pollution due to bursting of crackers. “On bursting, fire crackers discharge a huge amount of Cadmium and lead. Elements like Copper, Zinc, Sodium and Potassium are also released in large quantities”, said Kaustubh Chatterjee, founder, Green Vigil Foundation. “This increases the level of SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) in the air. This leads to diseases like Asthama, Headache, High Blood Pressure, skin allergy, irritation in eyes and many breathing issues”, he added. Keeping in consideration the mentioned health issues, Chatterjee has appealed to avoid crackers in Diwali.

During the campaign, Surabhi Jaiswal, a member of the Green Vigil team, informed that National Green Tribunal has imposed a ban on crackers generating the sound of more than 125 decibels. She has requested the residents of Nagpur to follow the ban and contribute in decreasing pollution. “We have received a healthy response from the people. They even halted their vehicles and tried to collect more information about the campaign”, she said.

Shakti Ratan, Vishnudev Ydav, Kalyani Vaidya, Mehul, Kosurkar and other team members have contributed in the campaign.