Published On : Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

Cops identify body of man stuffed in bag, hunt daughter, son-in-law for murder

Deadbody in Suitcase
Nagpur: In a frightening incident that created ripples in the busy Mate Square area in West Nagpur, body of a middle-aged man, who went missing two days ago, was found stuffed in a travelling bag in the wee hours of Monday.

The deceased has been identified as Mansingh Shiv, around 40-45 years. Shiv, a native of Madhya Pradesh, was a puncture repairer who used to work on the roadside near Pratapnagar Police Chowky. In another twist, police have mounted a massive manhunt for daughter and son-in-law of the deceased for their suspected role in the murder of Mansingh and dumping his body in the bag. Possibility of involvement of other family members is also not being ruled out by the cops. The probing police have also come to know that the suitcase was purchased yesterday evening itself.

According to reports, a young man and woman were carrying the bag around 0230 hours of Monday at Mate Square. Both had hired an auto at Durganagar Stand for going to Railway Station. However, the auto driver suspected something fishy as the weight of the suitcase was abnormally heavy and the couple was also behaving suspiciously. Moreover, the foul smell emanating from the travelling bag triggered a doubt in the mind of the auto-rickshaw driver. He confronted the couple over the ‘heavy’ suitcase. The probing question by the auto driver panicked the young man and woman and they left the bag in the auto itself and fled the spot. The auto driver immediately alerted the city police control room after going in a lane on the pretext of relieving himself.

The cops from Pratapnagar Police Station rushed to the place to intercept the three-wheeler in which the travelling bag, too, was found which had the body of Shiv in it. The cops managed to identify the body through an informer who had claimed that someone, named as Shiv, was missing from the locality for the last two days. The cops have also managed to identify the killers as the deceased’s daughter and son-in-law through CCTV footage.