Has the tiger entered into territory of Mihan?

Nagpur:The sprawling Mihan acres have recently turned into a talking point as a security guard has claimed to have spotted a tiger in the area. The pug marks found at a desolate pace in the campus have further consolidated his claim. This has sent chills down the spine of the techies working at a software company in Mihan.

As per media reports a security guard returning home on his bike, just before midnight, claims that a tiger came on the road near this software company’s campus. With the tiger’s eyes shining bright as the bike’s headlight fell on it, the guard immediately stopped his bike.

News spread quickly as security guards of other companies have their ‘chowkis’ nearby and an impromptu search started. Two separate pug marks inside the campus of this software company were also found.

The reports said that a team from the forest department inspected the spot and have started setting up camera traps. Two cameras will be placed inside the campus, near the open part where tall grass is present while one will be placed outside, on the road.

But forest officials are wary of calling it a ‘tiger sighting’. Deputy conservator of forests (DyCF) Prabhunath Shukla said, “We cannot confirm it till there are pictures or a direct sighting by officials.”

Apparently, the pug marks found on the campus are not helping either. Shukla said, “Those pug marks are in soft sand and it’s hard to say whether they belong to a tiger or leopard. Many times, people are not able to differentiate between the two animals, especially when spotting it at night and for a short time.”

In the meantime, Shukla is advising those commuting there for work to take precautions. “If going on foot, make sure that you are in a group. Always keep talking loudly or keep making some noise to keep wildlife away,” said Shukla.

Since techies in that part of Mihan commute either in cars or buses, there’s not much to worry about commuting on foot but the few going on bikes must be cautious.