Published On : Mon, Jun 10th, 2013
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Harvard Business School (HBS) comes to India

Nagpur News: The Harvard Business School (HBS) is hosting an executive education programme on “Managing Family Businesses for Generational Success — India’’ at Mumbai from June 24.

The four-day new leadership development programme has been created for family businesses operating in varied family, business and ownership stages from diverse industries. It offers proven tools that business families can use to address issues specific to their own situation in India and other markets, by aiding to create a customised plan for positioning the family and company for ongoing success.

“Family-owned companies face unique challenges in India’s competitive business environment. This programme explores topics critical to family-owned companies in India such as succession, ownership control and shareholder relationships. The participants will learn to implement business practices that drive high performance, shareholder loyalty, and healthy family relationships”, says John A. Davis, senior lecturer of Business Administration and faculty chair of Managing Family Businesses for Generational Success — India.


The programme

The programme explores various avenues of a family enterprise such as designing strategies to help a family reach common goal, improve communication and relationships with family members, address conflicts and plans for future success. It will also present an opportunity for participants to maximise their strengths and minimise vulnerabilities of being a family business by exploring four key areas: dynamics of a family business system; growing, preserving and sharing of wealth; governance and succession.

“At HBS, we help companies develop the skills they need to get different points of view on the table, sort them out, and negotiate as a family around these issues. When they know what to plan for, how to resolve differences, and how to structure the rules, policies, and decision-making apparatus, then they can keep their families engaged and excited about running the business,” says Deepak Malhotra, Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration at HBS and faculty member of Managing Family Businesses for Generational Success — India.

As with all HBS Executive Education programmes, the India portfolio will be taught by members of the school’s own full-time faculty using the HBS case method.

Incorporating thought-provoking lectures, case studies on local and global organisations and small-group discussions, this programme will bring about a dynamic learning environment that emphasises participation with family teams of individuals representing both genders and two generations, says a statement issued by HBS.