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    Published On : Tue, Mar 4th, 2014

    Guaranteed mess: GMCH is paying lakhs for repairs of machines in the guarantee periods

    According to sources, scam of passing and clearing payments for bogus repairs bills has been flourishing in GMCH with the connivance of higher authorities. The GMCH, in fact, has turned a hub of brokers or racketeers indulging in bogus repairs bills.


    Nagpur News: Citizens visiting Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) for treatment purpose would not get any guarantee about their fate but one guarantee is certain. The GMCH itself is hell of a mess. One would definitely witness nasty state of affairs in GMCH. It is guaranteed. After the expose of a deal in which the Hospital purchased an automatic cleaning machine at the cost of Rs 11.50 lakh the actual price being Rs 5 lakh, the GMCH paid Rs 70,000 for repairs of the same machine that too in guarantee period. However, this is just an iceberg. Lakhs are being paid by the GMCH on account of bogus repair bills. It is guarantee.

    According to sources, the payment of Rs 70,000 for repairs of the cleaning machine that went dead twice in guarantee period has again exposed connivance of higher ups with the dealer. The GMCH, in fact, has turned a hub of brokers or racketeers. The racket has been blossoming with bogus bills of repairs of various costly machines the cleaning machine being one of them, according to sources.

    Sources further said, the cleaning machine was purchased in March 2013 at the cost of Rs 11.50 lakh. Number one guaranteed mess. The same machine with different company is available in market at the price of Rs 5 lakh. The machine first went dead in September 2013. The engineer, who carried out the repairs, issued a bill of Rs 35,000. Moreover, the GMCH authorities blindly passed the bill and cleared the payment of Rs 35,000 in the guarantee period. Number two guaranteed mess. The costly machine, after working smoothly for about two months, again went dead in November 2013. Again the same engineer came and repaired the machine. But this time he issued a bill of Rs 36,500. Although the Bill No. CR-135 has not been paid but the concerned authorities have put their signatures and seals for clearing the bill payment. Again in the guarantee period. Number three guaranteed mess.

    According to insiders in the GMCH, the passing and clearing of bills for payment is not done “free of cost.” The brokers or racketeers take the concerned authorities for a ride. Air tours are arranged for them. Recently, a senior doctor and his family was offered a tour to Goa for 4 days and 5 nights. When the doctor was contacted for his comments on the merry ride, he totally denied it, sources said.

    One thing is guaranteed. The cleaning machine scam has rattled the entire GMCH to the core.

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